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1210 Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen VIC 3775


Shelter – Yes

Toilets – Yes

Parking – Yes

Public Transport – No

Fees – No for ceremonies


Contact details –  Ph: 9730 2400

Alowyn Garden – Beautiful Ceremony Location

A piece of paradise on an approximately four-acre land Alowyn Garden is renowned for its beauty and elegance befitting of your wedding ceremony. It boasts of its roster of features like the Display,
Dry, Perennial Border, Edible Gardens etc.

What is it like to have your garden wedding here?

• No other venue has all seasons covered because it has a Display Garden that functions for
Winter weddings, Autumn, Spring and Summer. Plants and other crops are meticulously placed
and propped devoted to these, and any time of the year a wedding is accommodated.

• Photo sessions are welcome here, and in every nook and cranny, there is something Instagram
worthy – your prenuptial photographs and the wedding shots are astounding.

• It feels like you are having soiree with royalties and affluent men and women in France like the
infamous Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Cardinal Richelieu in the Parterre and French-inspired
gardens sans the Revolution.

• It is serene that everywhere you gaze birch trees, vegetables, flowers, hedges and a whole lot
of flora and fauna revive your senses.

• Only the sounds of nature are the background music that tears up the silence of your solemn

• Minimal ornamentation and styling are needed because the place itself is a retreat that
showcases lush greens. These bright and plump flowers make one’s wedding a blessed union
by Mother Nature.

• Wisteria archways and bountiful shades keep you from sweating buckets.

• You would not get frazzled by the noise, honking of cars and boisterous city life.

• You are at the womb of nature – it has a nursery and a forest too.

• If famished, you can also grab and purchase edible produce and fruits from their gardens.

• The venue is a sight to behold that makes your guests feel so alive.

• If you are fond of romanticism, you can exchange “I dos” with a fountain backdrop.

• Natural light and crisp wind will greet everyone and that there is no need for light and cooling
equipment hire.

The possibilities are endless….

Just like the blazing, infinite sky at Aowyn Gardens. If it is outdoors or
garden wedding ceremony you are looking for, this is the place where you can peacefully,
enchantingly hold yours. You can get married in the Elysian wedding ceremony venue of Alowyn

Blog written by Wedding Services Melbourne

Pictures by Alowyn Garden – www.alowyngardens.com.au

Alowyn Gardens
alowyn gardens
Alowyn Gardens
Alowyn Gardens