Beach Wedding Melbourne – Top 10 Priceless Tips For Your Ceremony


The things you may not think of …


  • What about Grannie? 


Consider having your ceremony on a grassy knoll next to the beach wedding Melbourne so that people such as Grandma – or guests in their glad rags (not beach clobber – think stilettos etc) – and any others who might not be very stable on their feet, don’t have to negotiate a walk through the sand to get to the ceremony space.


  • Whooooooosh ….. 


Have you ever noticed how much windier it is on the beach than it was back home? This problem is exacerbated at a wedding when sound systems are in place. And even if they’re not, people need to be heard, and the wind can blow the words (and music) away. Not to mention how it whistles through the speakers! So annoying ..


  • Did You Know that Sand Reflects Heat?


You probably don’t think about this when you’re sunbathing and can pop into the water for a quick cool off when you get too hot. But there is no such option when you are a guest at a wedding ceremony.

Sometimes those guests have been waiting on the beach for up to an hour before you arrive and believe me – even on a mild day it can get very hot waiting around in your good clobber!


  • Dress for the Setting 


A beach wedding is not the ideal location for a formal ballgown wedding dress or chapel train, so dress for the environment. That goes for the both of you.

Melbourne celebrants are very mindful of this particular problem!


  • Think about Your Guests


Consider the following – cold water (a non-negotiable – and plenty of it if it’s going to be hot), personalised sunnies/thongs/fans, insect repellent, and sunscreen.

Wedding ceremonies in Melbourne need all of these items LOL


  • Forewarned is Forearmed
  • On your invites, remind guests that the ceremony is going to be on the beach and to be prepared for both extremes of weather – it can also get very cold on the beach!! Melbourne weddings have to be ready for all kinds of weather scenarios!


  1. Unwanted Guests


Remember a beach is a public place so if you want complete privacy (and no semi naked “glamours” in the background of your photos), consider hiring a private spot, having your ceremony on a weekday or early in the day. Check tide times.


  1. Support Yourselves (and your Celebrant!)


Consider having a plank of plywood for the ceremony space to stand on and keep the 3 of you stable (also helpful if you drop the rings!!).


  • Not the Time for Long Readings! 


Keep the ceremony fairly short – even to the point that your love story and/or any special readings can be left until the reception in the cool air-conditioned comfort of the venue.

Melbourne summer days can be brutal for an outdoor wedding.


  • Plan B!!!!!! 


We ARE in Melbourne peeps! (This applies for weddings in areas other than Melbourne too).

Please, please, please have a back-up plan for your wedding. And that goes for overly hot or overly windy, as well as rain and hail.

Some wedding industry professionals will not take their expensive equipment out in certain weather conditions or locations for safety reasons.

If the equipment is worth saving, so are you and your guests!


So, there you have it – in a nutshell. If you wish to have the guidance of Melbourne’s top wedding professionals, do yourselves a favour and browse this site to find some of the absolute best!!

Blog written for Wedding Services Melbourne by Yvonne Wood Marriage Celebrant

Brighton Savoy featured in pictures.


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