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Photo booths Melbourne have changed and evolved over the years, and they are certainly not a brand new concept, but they are still very much in demand and not only for events such as Weddings & Birthday Parties, but they are also very popular in corporate events, product launches, Christmas parties or any other type of gathering you can think of. They can be used for any type of event & are a great way to get people to take fun photos without having to have the perfect smile.

Our Mirror photo booth Melbourne has a unique luxury design, rustic frame, elegant styling and other styling options. It allows for full-length images, larger groups, the option to sign the pictures and add emoticons, augmented reality features, SMS features, and full branding are popular hits.  

Everyone loves taking pictures and making memories, and more than anything, everyone loves our photo booths! They are massive fun, but our mirror photo booth Melbourne takes it up to a new level. The combination of the novelty factor & the ability to sign the pictures always creates interest with your friends and family; it involves the guest interacting with the booth itself to add a nice personal touch to it. 

Traditional photo booths may have the edge if they allow you to choose different sizes of images, but most do not offer this option. They have the same limitations of printing size that a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley has. We do, however, have lot’s layouts that can be set up for you and then printed out onto 4×6″ photos. We also have the ability to share pictures via SMS to your mobile phone making it social media ready. Also, after the event you will receive a password and user name! 

We offer our photo booth services for the City of Melbourne and its surroundings – Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges & Mornington Peninsula. We also offer other types of photo booths and photo entertainment that can be great for any type of event; it all depends on the style you are going with. 

Check us out: Please visit the Matt Jefferies Entertainment website for more information on all our photo entertainment options, including our mirror photo booth Melbourne, our pylon ROAMING photo booth Melbourne, our event photo magnets and our photo mosaic wall. We also have other services, including our wedding DJ service, our dry ice effect for the first dance to make you like you are dancing on a cloud and our safe indoor fireworks service.

We have also introduced live wedding musicians to our roster. We have a wedding singer Melbourne, an acoustic duo Melbourne and a harpist Melbourne for you to pick from and use for ceremony, cocktail hour, first dance or to combo with our DJ service.

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