Event Photo Magnets Melbourne

Event Photo Magnets Melbourne – Alternative to Photo Booth

It was that grab your tongue moment whence you attend an event where there are keepsakes that stack up your collection that took it “till the cows come home.” And literally, it is driving you up to wall to dust and clean those pieces that accumulate from events you have attend lately. Cross your finger that the next time you are a guest or you’re the host of your very own event you have an upgrade memento that ain’t forgettable instead laudable!

Do not get sick like a dog because of overthinking. You just have to let go of things that are manageable. Say, what to give out to you guests like in your weddings, birthdays, corporate parties etc. Replace those outdated figurines with something handy like photo magnets!

Event Photo Magnets Melbourne provide you with a full range of service that goes beyond printing photo magnets. If photography is quite Greek to you, pretty sure that Event Photo Magnet Melbourne via Matt Jefferies Entertainment procure for you a professional photographer that pull off for you estimable and thank worthy shots!

Capturing Memories

The advantages of such service is that there are no hit or miss shots such as candid shots of touching tear jerking moments, laugh out loud speeches and spiels, first dances, cake slicing, etc. All these are captured and within minutes a praisable hard copy could be at the palm of one’s hand! However, it does not mean that once instantaneously produced the quality suffers. Matt Jefferies Entertainment’s Event Photo Magnet Melbourne utilizes only quality photo magnet paper. They are made to outlast the strains of human touch and a better alternative to photo booths as well.

Best of all, there is no need to install a photo booth and care to think where to place it in the venue because there is a roaming photographer that approaches everyone to offer them photography services instead of them lining up to wait to have theirs taken through a photo booth.

Event photo magnets are also easy to store, even in one’s pocket – that once you get home or your guest it could be a personal fridge magnet – just clip your reminders, bills or whatever that could serve for your important stuff. It could be modified as a magnetic personal business card too! Imagine, you have a memento and discreetly even a simple advertisement of yourself, your services and or your business too.

So grab a hold of your phone and book for an Event Photo Magnet Melbourne now. Let the “cat out of the bag” literally spread the word too about this service so that more and more folks throughout Melbourne be able to grasp this one-of-a-kind photo experience!

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