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Ceremony Location – Floral Clock Queen Victoria Gardens

Perhaps the most valuable resource is time, you can make up for lost ones but can never go back. But if
in this case, you are an avid fan of Stephen Hawkings and believe in the existence of “wormholes” or
fixated in the concept of Marvel’s infinity gems or stones for the Mind, Soul, Space, Reality, Power and of
course time then you will beg to disagree.

Well, whatever it’s worth, still nobody can contest that time is the most valuable gift one can give to a
loved one. And here in Melbourne, literally, we had been gifted years ago by Swiss watchmakers by a
giant flower clock. Found in the Queen Victoria Gardens, the Floral Clock has been a marvellous feat for
onlookers and tourists alike.

Queen Victoria could be so proud if she had just witnessed you and your darling would plan to have your
wedding ceremony in this park named after her. As we all know, she is a headstrong queen that made so
many reforms in England but on the side, a real romantic herself. Her love for her husband, Albert, is a
testament to that.

Although it is not quite common for people to marry relatively near the Flower Clock in the Queen
Victoria Gardens, it is still a popular choice for photo sessions for wedding couples. The clock not only
comprise of hands for telling time, but it is also itself a vibrant floral bed that is mostly lit, especially
during sunny parts of the year.

Other than the flower clock, and the monument dedicated to Queen Victoria as well as Edward Vll,
wedding couples also frequently pick out Janet Lady Clarke’s Monument. This one is dedicated to the
socialite and philanthropist Janet Marion Clarke.

And also to name a few more features, take time to have a stroll among other sculptures just like the
Water Nymph, the Frog, the Phoenix, among others. Get your senses rejuvenated by the sight of the
pond too.

Wedding couples like you would indeed have a well worth time for your wedding ceremony, much less of
decorating because Queen Victoria Gardens in itself is a feast for the eyes.

Across the Queen Victoria Gardens, you could have a glimpse of the National Gallery and the Arts
Centre, and it is also within one’s reach either by walking or tram.

Let your wedding ceremony have pronounced acreage by Floral Clock or elsewhere within the Queen
Victoria Gardens, and know that time is of the essence.

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