Four Tips For Choosing Your Melbourne Wedding Band

With Melbourne being renowned for its live music scene, there are some fantastic live music bands such as Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, who you can hire to cover a full day of live music for your wedding entertainment Melbourne. Here are our four hottest tips to consider, before whacking down your hard-earned cashola on your dream wedding band 

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Do your research:

There are a number of different types of Melbourne wedding bands, some specialising in Greek or Italian wedding music Melbourne for instance, while others provide a mix of cover hits that include Rock, Pop, R&B, Country and 90’s tunes. If you really want your guests to be dancing from 8.30 to 11pm, make sure you see enough dance hits on your ‘potential band’s’ song list to cover a few hours. Look for videos of past weddings; to be sure your potential band has some experience. 

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Beware of cheap or overly expensive Melbourne wedding bands: 

We all know how important it is to keep a wedding budget in mind when planning your important celebration. Look for wedding entertainment Melbourne you can trust, who’s pricing is middle of the range, and someone you can develop a relationship within the lead up to your wedding. You might book us one year out from your wedding, guess what, we’re going to be in each other’s lives for a whole year leading up to the big day! So it’s important you like our vibe, and it’s important that we like yours! Speaking of price, if you start out looking for a ‘budget’ or ‘cheap’ band, sometimes you really do get what you pay for. You may be able to find a 4-piece band in Melbourne for $1600. But do you really want to risk hiring hobby musicians, when you can spend that extra $1000 and get yourself dedicated full-time musicians, who play two weddings per weekend, in the same band, every single week? By the same token, be wary of Melbourne bands charging an astronomical price, above say $3800- $4000 for a four-person band. You don’t need to blow the budget out that far to get yourself an amazing wedding band Melbourne. 

See your Melbourne wedding band play live (if you can): 

This is where things get a little tricky. In the old fashion days, you would go and see your band perform at one of their live gigs, have a little spy on them and then make your decision. However, we are in the age of COVID 19 restrictions, and we’re also in the digital age of the internet. TA-DAAAAAAH! Therefore it may not be necessary for you to pound the pavement, to see your potential Melbourne wedding band play live. Get your stalk on; check out your potential band’s reviews online. What are past clients saying about them on Google? How many stars? Any bad reviews? Go across to their Facebook page, are there any videos? What about past wedding videos? Go to their YouTube, any good videos on there of the band playing together? And finally, go across to Instagram, what kinds of posts can you see? Is there anyone else commenting on this band’s posts? Does this band have a following? Is anyone engaging and commenting on them? Or is this a mystery band that lives under a rock? In today’s times, you can tell a lot about a band’s popularity by having a look at their online presence, and how engaged the community is with them. Social proof is a thing: people! 

If you really are just hanging to see us play live, Ms Lexi & Celestial Band will be showcasing ALL day at the Melbourne Wedding, and Bride Expo planned for January 17th 2021. If COVID restrictions prevent the expo from going ahead, it’ll take place later in 2021. We also have a private mid-year showcase planned for June/ July 2021, more details to come. If holding your breath for the next Bridal Expo is not your thing, we have lots of videos up online for couples to view. What you see in the videos is what you’ll get on your wedding day!

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Have a 3-way yarn on the phone:

The best way to interview your Melbourne wedding band is by having a 3-way… PHONE CALL! Or Zoom meeting, with the lead singer/ band’s leader. That’s right; tee up a time for you, your partner and the band organiser to have a phone meeting at least 30 minutes long, before whacking down that cashola. “But what gets talked about in the 30 minutes?” Well, my dear, I’m glad you asked! EVERYTHING gets spoken about during that time. That is the time to find out what the band provides; can they give you a full day live music package for the wedding? Will they move your wedding date for free if we have the 10th wave of COVID restrictions? What styles of music do they play? Can they play jazz standards during dinner? Do they take song requests? What wedding music Melbourne   do they normally play? Can they play the Nutbush and You’re The Voice by John Farnham?

If you’ve taken all four tips into consideration and you’re now ready to say “Yes” to an amazing Melbourne wedding band, give us an email to secure your date. A good number of our 2020 weddings and private events have been rescheduled to 2021 and dates are filling up fast! As a band, we can only do one wedding on any given date, and once we are booked. We. Are. Booked! Head to wedding entertainment Melbourne –  Ms Lexi & Celestial Band for more videos and content. Bye for now!