Melbourne Wedding Entertainment – Different Types

Easy on the eyes, pleasing to the ears and worth remembering; these are the qualities of Melbourne Wedding Entertainment.

There are even different types of wedding entertainment sprawling in the wedding scenes like Disk
Jockeys, live bands, duo or soloist singers, dancers, harpists, violinists, performance actors even,
photographers, photo booths, etc.

Each has its own charm, and turf of expertise, and everyone has that knack to turn a wedding
reception from drab to fab!

melbourne wedding entertainment
wedding entertainment melbourne
More so, every one of these wedding entertainers and their services has an advantage:

• Wedding DJ – Hiring one ensures the smooth flow of your program—their gift of reading the
crowd and having them let loose in the dance floor, a precise chronology of what is to transpire,
a whole deck of prescribed anthems, and even emcee services.

• Live bands, soloists, Duos, Quartets – Having them can create a romantic feel while the bride
walks down the aisle and or spell out a magical atmosphere while the couple has their first

• Instrumentalists like harpist, violinist, pianists, guitarists etc. – They can double as music
players during the solemnity of the wedding ceremony and later bring each guests dancing all
night long.

• Dancers- they can take on a fash mob or a well-choreographed number together with the
bride and groom.

• Performance Actors- They can provide unconventional entertainment at a wedding with a spin
of never before seen acts and mind-boggling features too.

• Special Effects – Dry ice, Indoor Fireworks etc…- Gives that wow factor in any event and
makes it extra special with these features. Imagine like you are walking or waltzing on clouds,
tearing the darkness of the venue with wholesome good lighting.

• Photographers and Photo Booths- There have not yet any event or wedding that does not
have a photographer or camera. Everybody loves photographs because they encapsulate
happy memories. Get past a photo mosaic wall, have your picture taken and print your own
keepsake without a breaking a sweat.

Do It Yourself Weddings

Do it yourself may save you a few dollars, but booking a wedding entertainer creates joyous and
sparkling time for you and your guests saves you the hassle, stress and tension. it is your investment and ticket to precious moments and wedding entertainment like no other.

Blog Written by Wedding Services Melbourne

Pictures by Matt Jefferies Entertainment, Also Ms Lexi & Celestial Band

melbourne wedding entertainment