A question we ask each couple who enquires about holding their wedding at Ballara is:

“Would you like to hold your ceremony and reception at Ballara?”
The resounding answer to this is YES!

Over our 33 years of experience in the industry, we have really noticed a shift in recent times to the increasingly popular idea of a “one stop shop”.

Couples (and guests alike) really love the idea and convenience of having everything in the one location.

“But, why?” You may ask. Well there are so many benefits to setting up your special day in this way:

  • Less of a run around on the day:

You simply arrive for the ceremony and that’s it. You are in that one place for the rest of your magical day. No getting in and out of cars, driving from location to location for photography and then finally reaching your reception. Your wedding day is big day. Period. Extra travel can make the day feel a lot longer and the last thing you want is to feel exhausted when you need to be ready to celebrate!

  • Less stress when co-ordinating:

Trying to organise so many elements involved in multiple locations can often be stressful. You have to consider travel time, high traffic areas that may delay you, parking considerations etc. With one location, you can forget about all those factors and breathe a little easier knowing everything starts and stops at the one spot.

  • Less expense overall:

Let’s be honest, we all start off with the best of intentions when it comes to a budget. If only it was that easy, right?

Choosing to go to multiple locations only goes hand-in-hand with additional costs from your wonderful suppliers. From cars to photography, you’ll have to make the call to extend your hire times or perhaps compromise on how you use their services.

Something like photography, for example, is priceless. So, you wouldn’t want your photography crew leaving super early and missing any of those special moments from day to night. Just remember, every little thing adds up!

  • What about your guests – what do they do between ceremony & reception?

Opting for two separate locations will also leave you asking a couple of questions about your guests…

“Do they have to go home? Is this too much of an inconvenience?”

“Is there somewhere nearby like a bar or café where they can all hang out?”

“Will I need to cover a drinks tab or organise food?”

We could go on..

You want to be able to make the most of your photography time post ceremony and not have to stress about these types of questions. So one location is really a win-win.

A seamless transition from ceremony to reception for you and your guests PLUS worry-free photography time all round!

These are just some of the bigger talking points that pop up when couples do start discussing the option of splitting their day.

Passion8 Ballara Melbourne weddings2
Passion8 Ballara Melbourne weddings2
Passion8 Ballara Melbourne weddings2

Enter Ballara Receptions.

Located in Eltham, on the foothills of the Yarra Valley, you could say Ballara Receptions really hits the sweet spot! Whilst avoiding the hustle and bustle of the busy CBD, Ballara is still super easy for your guests to get to and from, plus there is heaps of complimentary parking on-site. And while trying to organise Ubers and Taxis in the heart of the Yarra Valley can often raise a few eyebrows, Ballara’s central location can give your guests the peace of mind knowing they will get home safely at the end of your fabulous night.

Let’s talk ceremony.
Looking for a more traditional vibe? Boasting beautiful timber pews, soaring ceilings with rustic exposed beams and feature chandeliers. The Ballara Chapel is the perfect fit for you!
And for those wanting to say “I Do” surrounded by beautiful lush gardens, then have we got a treat for you.  Your own private lake with gazebo is our most popular spot, but take your pick – our estate is exclusively yours for your wedding, so if your preference is for our courtyard or lakeside jetty, then go for it – the choice is yours!


A lot of couples say that their photography time is one of their biggest considerations when planning their special day. So having a lakeside swing, giant rustic LOVE letters, waterfall, and more, all on-site means you are absolutely set! No off-site locations, no wasted travel time. Simply take a walk around the lake with your bridal party and photographers and you have got it all! But wait it gets better! Come night time the gardens are lit up with thousands of fairy lights. So sneak out while the dance floor is packed and get some magical shots that you will treasure forever!

So how about your reception?

Whether you want a traditional sit-down reception, or more of a mingle & party vibe with a cocktail or grazing style package, or maybe even a relaxed high tea affair is more suited to you – we have got all your options covered! So have a chat with one of our friendly wedding co-ordinators and they can tailor a package to suit exactly what you need. And if the idea of “no stress” jumps out at you, we can also offer a package that includes your wedding cake, DJ & MC, floral centrepieces for your reception, coloured table line, lawn games and more. All you have to do is ask!

But we also know how fun and exciting it can be to go on the hunt for all of your own supplies. So, if this sounds like you we recommend starting your search at Wedding Services Melbourne – a great group of wedding professionals who specialise in their fields and want to help you create the day of your dreams!


Emma Wise Photography Ballara Receptions
Happily Ever After Photography - Ballara Receptions

Photography supplied by Passion8, Emma Wise & Happily Ever After