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Weddings do not just happen in a sporadic manner. There are inlaid traditions in them and follow through a procedure from the commencement of the ceremony to the reception. Weddings are not new inclusions in the history of man but things have not much changed or there are a few alterations only to this day.

Something blue? Before in Europe other that the proverbial white gown or dress a bride would wear blue as a sign of purity. More than the use of veil, women in the Medieval Period wear garlands on top of their crowning glory.

Are you in for some garter action? It’s a belief then that one must get something from the bride. A piece of her clothing or anything that has something to do with the wedding as a sign of good luck. Hence, the garter is just an alteration these days.

Invitations? They don’t have much any of these before in Europe it is much likely that they announce who is the betrothed and tell people about the upcoming wedding.

One thing that never change much is that there is merrymaking and drunken festivity. However, with the latter in modern times it is controlled. More so, today before serving the wine or the champagne it is a customary ritual to render a speech or best yet a toast.

Why is it important to include speeches or toasts in weddings?

A speech is important because it is part and parcel of the wedding reception ceremony. Other than the introduction of the emcee of the wedding couple, the slicing of the cake and the first dance: The toast or the speech livens up the wedding. Not because everyone is nervous and giddy to spill it out, or it is a source of fun and pun. But because it is an obligatory congratulatory statement from family and friends. Moreover, there are times that it gives a hint of the personality of the couples and lace with pieces of advice for a good start at family life. And most importantly, it is a statement of wishing good luck to the wedding couple.

Who usually give speeches? The father of the bride on behalf of the family of the bride, then responded by the bride and groom. This is the traditional way for westerners. Then the best man would also give his speech and also the maid of honour.

Parents’ speeches are viewed important because they impart timed honored wisdom for the groom and his bride. That in effect, they may take bits and pieces of wise words to guide them through their new lives.

However, we may be in the modern times but even if weddings evolve there are things we cannot live without and these are traditions that we carry out and live with.

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