Melbourne Weddings – Sit Down Meal Or Buffet Style?

Melbourne Weddings are meticulously prepared from the wedding attire couturier, to the make-up artist, to the music and entertainment down to the venue,celebrant, food and keepsakes. We pay too much attention even in the most little detail of the wedding preparation.

When it comes to food in the reception careful planning of the menu is important. What are the Entrées? Will it include meat, chicken or fish? Are the freshest produce incorporate in the cooking? What are the dietary requirements of the couple?

Food just like wine entices everyone to gather round and talk. The manner the food is serve or the way it is presents to the guests also matter especially when talking about ease and comfort while they eat.

The Question is to have a Sit down Meal or Buffet Style? Let’s have a short briefing about these two.

Sit down meals would mean that the complete meals shall be serve onto the dinner table of the guests, with starters or appetizers. Then main courses follow and the delightful desserts with the drinks provide by servers. This has an advantage because the guest would not meander through a throng of chairs, form their lines in front of a buffet table, and they are in the comfort of their seats. Every thing is on time and all of the guests are sure to have their meal.

Buffet style, on the other hand, requires that the guest go to a buffet table or two and or even three if they grow in number. There must be a “captain’s call” to serve as a signal for each guest to have their turn. Servers one, two or three of them provide plated meals to guests.The advantage of such is that if the guests would like to take a few more bites of say a few morsels of steak or any of the food stuff they could go back to the buffet table. Instead of paying extra for waiters the money is being divert to the provision of more food.

What is the best style? That depends on the budget of the wedding couple, the number of guests and the venue. However, it is quite noteworthy to be a little innovative too, why not get the best qualities of both style? So as to buy time for the buffet table preparation, provide light plated snacks or appetizers to guests.

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