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Mirror Booth Melbourne – Wedding Traditions In Melbourne

Traditions are one of the ingredients of the DNA of a group of people, society and a country. They are the “stonehenge”. Constant time stamp of who we are before where we are supposed to be at the moment and what future we ought to write. And here in Melbourne as well as the whole country of Australia, it is no different for us to partake in having traditions especially during weddings.

To keep our heritage and lineage alive we must continuously revisit even our wedding traditions.

  • Bible as heirloom

A Bible has to be pass down from generation to generation. Not that everyone in Melbourne is a Roman Catholic. But it is a constant reminder that Europeans taught us that the couple must read contain words as guiding force to a married life ahead.

  • Smoking Ceremony

This is an indigenous practice that in comparison to other cultures they make use of water but smoke significantly is for cleansing. Also, if the smoke is inhaled by the couple it is for health of the family and children.

  • Unity Bowl

A bowl is filled with natural stones that may have represent the diverse qualities of the bride and groom and the love of their kin.

  • Stone Ceremony

Stones are thrown onto the river to produce ripples indicative of the eternal unity of the couple through life’s hurdles and joys.

  • Acknowledging the land or Return to the Land

This is showing respect and gratitude to the ones that came before the bride and the groom that brings forth prosperity to them.

  • Accompanying the bride and the groom by complete sets of parents

This is a grand gesture showing both families’ faith.

  • Music

Both Australian and Aboriginal music are playing to establish the mood the wedding just like in any other traditions and culture in many countries.

The Mirror Booth Mixing With Traditions

These are the typical traditions that colour our weddings at present. Nevertheless, we could also come up with a new one. Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne restore that balance with the old and the new.

We maintain and retain the traditional yet keep it alive in our veins with something to capture it. A contemporary ally wedding entertainment and exceptional identity preserver. Mirror Booth Melbourne helps you out in achieving both a traditional and modernised wedding tradition that defies both History and Prehistory. So come out of your proverbial cave and let’s discuss your wedding entertainment needs.

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