Mirror Booth Melbourne

Mirror Booth – Popular Among Photo Booths

With a stringent approach of searching which one Photo Booth is the best one stands out among the rest. What else? The Mirror Booth! All Photo Booths hail from one father Anatol Josepho but the selling rights only spelled out the difference as well as the modifications of specs.

What is the stark difference of the Mirror Photo Booth among its predecessor? Let us lay down the cards and compare.

Sasaki Miho’s Purikura or sticker photo booth takes photos that are printed as stickers and only that. Anatol Josephos’ prototype is bulky and quite hard to transport. And Open Plan Photo Booth has plain Jane features however, it could accommodate five or twenty persons.

But the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne is a figurative caffeinated fix for those who are attuned to acquire only the best selfie experience worth drooling and salivating over.

Giant Mirror

With the sight of the Giant mirror of the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne and its state-of-the-art technology you have that insatiable need to print multiple printed copies of your photos quenched and satiated.

Furthermore, it can provide you with high precision hard copies with its accompanying printer. In fact, sending those picture are easy via SMS. You may do so so long as you put your phone number and you can instantly receive your photo.

You want to maximize interaction with fellow guests? Play a game with them and pretend to be a mannequin, beat anyone with the Screaming Contest with your vocal prowess, play hard and win hard.

Style your photos with customised layout of your event, stamp them with emojis, sign your photo to personalise your output.

Different Style and Setup

Dress it down or add on some ingenuously awesome rustic backdrop. Hire it on your wedding, corporate event, formal balls or any occasions you have. And you will see for yourself that this tool’s features and services sell like hot cakes just like when the prodigy of it was first introduced here in Australia like that one in Flinders Street Station.

Emote, project in front of the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne and bag that popular movie star status on Facebook, Instagram or with your humble homie. Reflect awesomeness just like a diamond with the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne.

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