5 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley at The Wedding Reception

Why is it an excellent idea to have a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley at your wedding reception? 

 I would like to give you just a few reasons why having a photo booth will be a fun investment you can make for your wedding reception.


A Photo Booth Is Lot’s Of Fun For Everyone Of All Ages

A Photo Booth is an awesomely fun way to entertain all your wedding family and friends. Everybody from youngest to the oldest will want to get up out of their seats and have a turn in the Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley.  

The great thing about having a mirror photo booth at your wedding reception is that it will not only capture some hilarious memories but also get the older generation involved with, the younger generation.  

The perfect keepsake for all your guests

Having the mirror photo booth Melbourne print out photos on the spot is amazing in it’s self, but you also get the added bonus of your keepsake being sent to your mobile phone within 20 seconds of you punching in your number. The photo on your phone is instantly ready for you to be able to send to friends, put on your social media profiles or simply use as your background on your phone. 

The mirror photo booth Melbourne can also print out your photos in magnet form. Upgrading to magnets is the ultimate keepsake, and when guests get home, they can immediately stick it on there fridge door.

Add To The Overall Style/Theme Of The Wedding Reception

Another great reason to have a photo booth at your Wedding reception is, it can add to the overall style/theme of your wedding reception. When Mirror photo booth Melbourne was started, it was so important for us to have the most stylish & modren photo booth set up in town. Every small detail has been thought of & you will not see us dragging out a $2 props for the junk store!

We wanted the mirror photo booth to be on-trend, look incredible & actually add style to any wedding reception. We know how just much work goes into making a stunning wedding reception & we do not think that the decorations and style should be compromised because of the photo booth.


 Theme the Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley With Your Theme

We all love themes & when it comes to wedding receptions, there is really no exceptions. Trust me when I tell you, I have seen a lot of cool themes over the years. Sometimes it is a more subtle theme, like black tie & cocktail or a rustic wedding. Whatever your theme style is, we can incorporate it into the mirror photo booth in so many ways, including the backdrop, the print layout, the props & even the mirror photo booth Melbourne’s frame range.


Guestbooks With Pictures Straight From The Wedding Reception!

Having a killer set of pictures of your nearest & dearest is worth it’s weight in gold. Especially when you get the guests to make you a guestbook at the wedding reception & they stick in their own favorite pictures & write you a little message. Guestbooks are the bomb! And you will not find any better than our quality guestbooks. We get them made in the United States of America using nothing but the best materials. That way you know it will last forever & of course, look good on your bookshelf!

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