6 Ways to Use a Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley & Melbourne at Your Next Family Event

We all love to party. It is in our DNA. There are many reasons we have celebrations, but no matter the reason, we always want it to be remembered with our mirror photo booth Yarra Valley & Melbourne. 

Our biggest challenge for these type of celebrations is making sure everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, has an awesome time. 

A Yarra Valley photo booth is the best way to overcome this! It gets everyone excited from Grandpa to the little one’s! The magic of the photo booth Yarra Valley is in the interactions: with the props, the photo booth attendant, your picture friends, etc. We love to name it the atmosphere-maker of the celebration! 

There are countless ways to use a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley for any gathering, but here is a couple to get the ball rolling:

  1. Birthday’s

Sick of hosting the same old boring birthday party? Our photo booths Melbourne can help to spice things up! 

With our customizable features, you can if you wish even put the birthday person’s name on the photo layout. Use our fun props for some funny moments in the booth, or bring a backdrop of your choice. 

For example, you could have “Mitch’s 50th” in the background of all your photos and videos! If it is a surprise party, have your friends and family show their best-surprised face in their photos.


2. Baby Shower/Gender Reveal

Celebrating a new life is always a moment you do not want to forget. Whether it is a baby shower or a gender reveal, a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley & Melbourne can help you start making memories with your child even before they are born! 

Bring your own props that match your themes, such as giraffe prints or animal props for a zoo-themed party. Or have your family and friends dress up in animal costumes for even funnier photos. You can also have friends and family use pink or blue props to make their guess as to which they think it is. 

There are so many possibilities!

3. Anniversary

We love love, so we honestly believe that every day of marriage is worth celebrating! And anniversaries are an awesome way to get the whole family to be together to celebrate your love. 

Start by plastering the event venue with the number of years the happy couple has been together. Have it in the background of your photos, printed on your photo layouts, on the props, etc. Whether it has been two years or fifty, every year is something very special! 

Take silly photos with the in-laws and create fun GIF boomerang videos in out pylon ROAMING photo booth Yarra Valley.

4. Bridal Shower

Want to create momentum for the wedding day? Throwing an awesome bridal shower is the perfect prequel to the wedding day! 

Get your loved ones together & celebrate a new chapter in your lives. You can really go nuts with the photo booth props for this one, from rings to bow ties, creative signs, to giant bottles of inflatable champagne! Have your friends and family leave GIF video and take photos reacting to the “when we first met” story or the 1 about how you poped the question. They can also write messages in the scrapbook about what they are most excited about for the future! 

When it comes to wedding receptions Melbourne, there is a lot to be excited about!


5. Bachelorette Party

This one is a fun one (for obvious reasons)! 

Whether you decide you want a more modest party or a full-out crazy night, a photo booth Yarra Valley will only add fun & excitement to the party. 

Have the gang take funny pictures with some risque props. Record “before and after” GIF video’s for some funny moments caught on camera (that may or might not be caused by the open bar)!

Rest assured, it will be an awesome night to remember. And even if you don’t, you will have the photos to help jog your memory.

6. Family Reunion

The family reunion is something all the family is looking forward to! In this day & age, it is a rare chance to get everyone together to remember, reminisce, and make exciting new memories. 

The family name is something that is important to all the family, so have it printed on your photo printouts, used on your props, or as your background. You can even buy a customize scrapbook with the family name on the front, so you can bring it out at every reunion. 

Let’s Party!

With all these different awesome types of fun family events, we want to make sure that your friends and family leave with fond memories & fun stories, our mirror photo booth Yarra Valley & Melbourne can help make that happen! We hope that you are really inspired to use a roaming photo booth Yarra Valley or mirror photo booth Yarra Valley at your next family event. Whether you use one or more of our ideas or come up with your own, we can not wait to be a part of the special celebration!

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