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Ice Ages and land Bridges or routes towards the ocean and the sea keep us tied to our Asian counterparts. Other than Millenia of migration records, our parallelism is given importance to traditions. Especially during Weddings whereby, it is not an affair that involves two people but the whole family.

China has a very interesting history – Hsia, Shang , Zhou,Ch’in, Han, Sui, T’ang, Sung, Yuan, Ming, Ch’in are amongst its numerous dynasties wedding traditions are also as colorful as these. A wedding does not just occur overnight as for the tradition matchmakers or a go between select definitive candidates for a bride.

It is not so much simpler as it may seem because negotiations are usually done to the family of the bride and that astrology and birth dates are also taken into consideration. That is only the head start for it shall be followed by an announcement of the betrothal where she and the groom are given items or symbols of dragon and phoenix respectively Gunther invitation of the wedding guests.

More And More Wedding Traditions

Fast forward to the complexities of the wedding preparation, the bride has this tradition sleepover at the cock loft. Then during the eve, she is bath with an infusion of pomelo or grapefruit for warding and cleansing of evil. Her hair is given careful attention before dressing her with a veil of tassel and garments of red as symbolism of luck.

On the other hand, nearby countries that are once part of the French Indo China and the buffer state between English and French domain, Vietnam and Thailand respectively have a mixture of Chinese and Indian influences. Thailand and Vietnam hold a proposal before the Wedding. Cultural homogeneity also speak of male importance and dominance on both countries. Tea parties are popular in Vietnam while dowry or “Sin Sod” initiates wedding negotiations in Thailand.

The Photo Booth Experience

But however, thoroughly and meticulously prepared… These Asian Weddings are not complete without the Mirror Photo Booths Melbourne experience! The Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne and its attendant are busy all day and all night catering to such weddings. With that said, just as Music is the language of the soul, the photo booth is the meeting place of the East and the West.

Be there, check out the cool Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne experience scalp an invite to an Asian Wedding. Broaden your perspective about the lore called Asia with the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne.

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