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Mirror Photobooth Melbourne – Great Entertainment For Your Wedding Day

Precursor to Wedding Entertainment… Western Civilization just like that of Glory that was Greece and Oriental ones have their own brand of it. Particularly with the latter, there are announcement of the betrothed. Also, settlements of dowries to the eve of the Wedding and to the ceremony itself. Entertainment has been a part of each Wedding before and now.

In most culture, wedding entertainment has taken various shapes and format but nonetheless the purpose is similar that is to have merry making. Firstly, in Greece, wedding entertainment starts with the procession of the bride with an overflowing line of food stuff, wine and this lasts usually for a week.

In the East, wedding entertainment is an endless beating of drums, dramatic score of string and wood wind instruments to ward off evil spirits that could initially attack the couple especially the bride.

More Wedding Traditions…

Wedding Entertainment is a theatrical display of traditions. For the Jewish, they break a bottle a symbolical show of male dominance in his house hold.

In Egypt, female entourage pinch the bride.

In the Philippines, people in the northern part of the country in Luzon mimic animals through ritualistic dances to please the gods and one part for the entertainment. Ilocanos in the Philippines pin paper bills onto the garment of the bride and groom as they dance.

On the other hand, American guests during the wedding banquet throw pieces of the cake to each other as fragment of the whole entertainment. Here in Australia, of course the didgeridoo is even played during weddings to acknowledge noble roots.

Keeping up with history and tradition is tedious especially when you are press for time. Hence, we are not replacing these things, but improving them even. With that said, a good wedding photo entertainment is through the Mirror Photo Booth.

Why Is It a great source of entertainment for your wedding day?

Cultural wise, it has an infinite gold mine of themes that matches your wedding. Surely, you want to play games just like in the old times where games and entertainment are attraction to weddings. You can also choose from Screaming Contests, Tic-tac-toe, Pong games etc.

It incorporates funny tunes and animated voice over to amuse your guests as well as letting people to interact and intermingle. An added bonus is that attendees could take home their photos as souvenirs. Unlike in the past people do not have anything tangible to take with them but resuscitation of memories in their minds.

You want to entertain your guests to best of your abilities? Look for a partner that never leaves you behind. Hire the Mirror Photobooth Melbourne because it is not everyday that you have a spectacular event, a spectacle of a wedding.

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