Photo Magnets Melbourne – Instant Photo Magnet On Your Event

With the booming industry of weddings here at Melbourne it is no surprise that everything you will ever need for your wedding is supplicate down to the keepsakes and souvenirs. Bombonieres are perhaps the popular choice among soon to wed couples. Made from decadent sugared almonds contain in an ornate pouch with dried flowers. A cute box that now has variations of at times little cakes or with accompanying figurines all for the taking of guests.

With that said, memories must outlast the event itself. They must be tangible and durable to last for a good number of months or even years.

An emerging trend today are the Photo Magnets Melbourne. Innovative, budget friendly and literally hot off the press keepsake for your wedding and other events.

While the action happens and everybody is busy dining, mingling, dancing, a photographer roams around to take snapshots of everyone. And behind the scenes immediately these photos are printed out and transformed into photo magnets that are pinned onto a magnetic board. Later, everyone could get literally a piece of their moments and memories of the wedding.

Indeed, they are perfect keepsakes and who knows might last for a lifetime. Photographs are constant reminder who you have been before. Also, a reflection of your best self and a piece of history with which your sentimentalism are laced through.

And each moment is totally unique time capsules that transport you back in time to that day when you were there when two souls cleaved as one. You can post it on your fridge or your office cubicle. Definitely, these are nostalgic and are reminded of the cosy, fussy, warm feeling and memories evoked by that photo.

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