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Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas made headlines during the Late Victorian Age in Dublin, Ireland when furious words came out about their clandestine affair. The former had this to blame with an inopportune incident that exposed him and his lover. Imprisoned for his love and tragically though freed at the age of 46 met his demise because of meningitis.

Although across the miles from Dublin Ireland, there are also valiant stories of love just the same as the infamous poet, playwright and writer Oscar Wilde. Thank goodness that today people are keeping up with an open mind. With that, eventually embracing the inevitable hoisting of the rainbow flag.

On April 10, 2008 a glint of hope radiated for the LGBTQI Community when finally the Parliament passed the Relationships Act. Recognizing and registering the “domestic relationships” and partnership of same sex couples. And on the faithful day of December 7,2017 the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017. It took effect after two days. Definitely, this was something to celebrate for the members of the LGBTQI! Omnia vincit amor, truly love conquers all!

It was a hard won battle but it was worth the wait for same sex couples although there were a lot of hurdles. Cry for equality, discrimination and recognition love and acceptance would always save the day.

Proud Supporter Of Marriage Equality

Now that there is a profligacy for same sex union, we too at Wedding Services Melbourne are overjoyed to be a part of same sex weddings. In fact, we are all out to serve you. Now ours is a Same Sex Wedding Directory too, reaching more and more people.

We have an extensive directory that pander to celebrants, suppliers of tokens, decors, and theme-weddings. In addition, even venues, caterers, limousines, photographers, photo booths, entertainers – name it and we’ll have it for you!

Our directory is for everyone, every people with varying gender and sexual preferences. It is ever rewarding and comforting to partake in the marriage of lesbian and gay weddings that finally it is no longer an issue who wears the gown. Who cares if both shall be garbed in suits? What matters is that Love is Love and at the end of the day we are all equal with each beat of the heart.

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