Summerfields Estate And Country House

Wish you may, wish you might. Summer is one of your best loved luminous season. And you can tap that sunlit feel for your wedding at the fantastic Summerfields Estate and Country House.

Personal touch, soothed stay and enduring memories best narrate the events at Summerfields Estate And Country House. With the Main Room and Great Room game for Banquet of 140 guests, to Boardroom, Cabaret Style, Classroom , Theatre and U Shape Arrangements you have a legion of styles to choose from.

To tussle with the discerning taste of clients we indulge you with the hauteur of the American East Coast abodes surrounded by olive groves, meretricious lake with resident familial geese, and austere gardens. A sylvan staircase, graceful black and white tiled flooring and exotic French Door count up to Summerfield’s philosophy of art and unparalleled mystique charm.

Healthy Dining Experience

Cultivated Chefs prepare the right stuff on your wedding that only the crisp and the seasonal locally source produce are assimilate in their menu to ensure a healthful dining experience. Rooms a plenty for it was once a Bed and Breakfast Shangri-La for newly weds such as the Attic, Biltmore, Huntington, Cape Mayand Willshire Suites. They are the love nests for couples, quarters for family and friends who stayed for night or so long they fancy.

Management also collaborate with credible make up artists, photographers, videographers, dressmakers, wedding cake bakers, pattisier that create delectable bonbonniere among others to provide you with replete wedding packages.

Summerfields Estate And Country House also offer services such as Cocktails, High Tea receptions, corporate retreats, meetings and conferences.

So if you you want that eternal summer theme go ahead and book a wedding or event that is drenched with pure sunshine at Summerfields Estate. Have a dose of your light therapy here that is both consummate for the body and the soul.

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Summerfields Country House And Estate
Summerfields Country House And Estate
Summerfields Country House And Estate