How many times have you noticed a timeline recommend contacting live wedding bands Melbourne 12 months out from your wedding reception as part of your research? A lot right. Now, are those timelines on non-wedding band Melbourne websites? I thought so.

The truth is, despite what those websites tell you, it’s not helpful to you or the wedding band Melbourne if you start contacting them early without an intention of booking.

A lot can happen in the time. They might:

 * have the opportunity to tour & become not available

 * decide to record a studio album which will keep the band ‘locked up’ in the studio. Or worst still

 * have even broken up by the time your wedding reception comes around.

So if you want to know a few of the realities of how hiring a live wedding band Melbourne or entertainers really work – read on.

Be Decisive

If you receive nothing else out of this blog post, let it be this. Be decisive. Weigh up all your wedding reception music preferences & needs, and when you have made a decision and you are ready to hire a band – THEN start getting quotes to compare. 

Shortlist the Wedding Bands On More Than Price

When you have all the prices, decide again. Who will you shortlist?

 Do you like a band but they do not play all the ‘special moment’ reception songs? (Put these ones on the list to ask if they can learn them.)

 Do you like their promotional material & music videos?

Creating a shortlist of wedding band Melbourne is about more than cost. Most bands can be a little negotiable on their price so it would be a shame if you dismissed a wedding band that you loved because you thought they might not agree to have a discussion about prices.

Do Not Wait For The Timeline To Tell You When To Hire A Wedding Band Melbourne

Work through the quotes & once you have decided, book them in & pay the booking fee straight away. Do not wait for a timeline to tell you that you need to hang onto that bands name & book it at the 10 month mark, because another couple might have beaten you to it & that means more stress having to repeat the process & find a different act.

Trust Yourself & Your Choices On Wedding Band Melbourne

Too many times couples are reluctant to hire a wedding band Melbourne as they worry their preferences may change & so they leave things to the last second (which is a whole new post!) Do not be that couple. Trust your choices & if it feels correct – go for it.

The above information should get you well on your way to helping you book your wedding band Melbourne, but if you are still stuck, just let us know and we will happily talk through some options with you.

Blog is written by Wedding Services Melbourne

Picture from Ms Lexi & Celestial Band

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