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Wedding Cake Melbourne: Cake Cutting And Its Meaning

Looking for the perfect Wedding Cake is not a piece of cake and everyone knows that. And before you shove into your mouth that tasty mouthwatering morsel of Wedding Cake Melbourne. Let us give a serving of what it really means to have that cake in your Wedding Reception and the accompanying traditions that goes with it.

A disclaimer here because of male influence and dominance in the History of the World we have a word of caution because the following has explicit content! The latter three words yeah just kidding! However, that means we are for equality for both gender and we are not patronizing one side .Shall we move on then? A brief lecture though and this would not make you snooze!

Why in most historical account particularly in the West the cake’s icing is white? White is immaculate and represents bride’s virginal purity of course other than the veil than conceals the bride from malevolent spirits similarly bespoke of the same symbolism. White is the color of opulence and affluence in Europe especially during Medieval Times.

Cake Cutting Symbols In Different Countries

Why is there a cake slicing ceremony for the newlyweds? And what are these inside and outside of Australia?

As mentioned a while back, the cake is the epitome of the bride. It is a symbolism and euphemism for the bride wholeheartedly give herself to her husband without any apprehension and reservation. Whew. This European and Western Influence to us. In European countries even as far back as the Roman Civilization instead of a cake a bread is broken into pieces above the head indicating as well what is above mentioned.

In Japan, the cake is being sliced for presentation purposes however; it is safe to say that this is Western Influence as well. And for economic reasons some opt for the top part being authentic and the other layers just props and later a sheet cake is shared for the liking of the guests.

In America, the cake may have probably be sliced for throwing pun to the newlyweds and their guests. However, the groom has a chocolate cake that is a representation of him and a separate one for the bride.

In China prior to contemporary times it is necessary that there are numerous cakes that must be in pair. And in neighboring Southeast Asia, rice cakes may signify unwavering close knit relations and agreement among family members and dispel of discord. But nowadays, it may all mean the same the cake is for sharing.

In the Philippines though, cake during one’s natal day or even wedding can be a sign of abundance – status symbol especially when it is tiered with appending layers, splashed with a palette of colors, edible flowers or fruits. If the bride and groom slice the cake it may serve as a desert or part of the give away to guests.

Why do the bride and groom feed each other a piece of the Wedding Cake?

Remarkably, they toss the cake right into each others’ mouth. It is because it is part of the traditional belief that as they embark a life together they must carry on with whatever come what may. With that said, they must take care of each other and it is the next best thing to kissing the bride, dance as one of their first activity together.

Now that you sunk your teeth into a piece of Wedding Cake Tradition you can have your Wedding Cake Melbourne and eat it too, that is, literally and if you want a mock tail you can go ahead! And say with a huge crumb of it on your lips cheers for the wedded two!

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