Wedding Celebrant Melbourne – 20 FAQ’s You Should Ask

  1. What are their qualifications for a wedding celebrant Melbourne?

All registered wedding celebrant Melbourne must have successfully completed a Certificate 1V in Celebrancy.

  1. How long have they been performing weddings?

This will vary from celebrant to celebrant and can be a comforting factor when knowing you are dealing with someone who has a wealth of experience behind them.
How many weddings have they performed? Once again, will vary from celebrant to celebrant and can give a sense of security knowing that the celebrant has probably encountered a wide variety of situations and relationships.

  1. When is full payment required?

Generally a Booking and Lodgement Fee is payable in order to secure the date for your wedding. Celebrants vary with their pricing policy, but most will require payment at least 2 weeks prior to the ceremony if not earlier.

  1. What is their cancellation policy? This will vary also from celebrant to celebrant, but you will find that most celebrants are extremely reasonable people, and all situations would most likely be judged on their merit.
  2. How many meetings are included? Increasingly these days a lot of the work is done online. However, personally I like to meet my couples for a chat first to ensure that we gel; we then have an official meeting to complete the legalities and discuss the planning of your big day. An on-site rehearsal is highly recommended and then the big day. An extra meeting can be slotted in between the official meeting and the rehearsal if needs be.
  3. What paperwork is required and when? You need to submit a signed and witnessed copy of your Notice of Intended Marriage to the celebrant at least one month (and no more than 18mths) before your wedding. As close to the wedding as possible (usually at the rehearsal) you will both sign a declaration stating that you are free to marry; and on the day of the wedding you will sign 3 certificates – one for Births Deaths and Marriages, one for the celebrant and one for yourselves!
  4. How much guidance will you be given with writing your ceremony? Most celebrants will give you all the guidance you need! We are natural “hand-holders” but you will choose the celebrant who is right for you so if you feel you need a lot of help, you will generally choose a kind, wise, nurturing celebrant.

8. How do you personalise the ceremony? This is possibly the best part of having an experienced professional celebrant – storytelling is our passion. We get to know you and then create your love story which you get to vet. We also include music, poems, readings, rituals, etc that reflect your personalities, culture, traditions, quirks and idiosyncrasies!

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  1. Will you see a draft of the ceremony? Some celebrants choose not to send a draft however I ALWAYS do! I don’t want my couples to have any surprises – unless they are ones that at least one of them has agreed to!
  2. Do they require a rehearsal? I LOVE a rehearsal! It’s a great way to get to know your wedding party and/or families. Plus it’s all fun and no responsibility at the rehearsal and is always a lot of fun!!!
  3. What actually happens on the wedding day? The celebrant or venue coordinator will usher the guests to their places about 10 minutes before the bride is due to arrive and put wedding party in position as late as possible. When the bride arrives I go and see her to assure her that everything inside is perfect and just check that she is good to go. And also to get my first look out of the way LOL I’ve learned that it’s better to gasp from surprise at the car rather than at the end of “the aisle”!


  1. How long before the wedding will they arrive?

I usually arrive about an hour before to set up my gear and check that everything is as we discussed at the rehearsal. That gives me plenty of time to liaise with the venue coordinator, photographer, videographers, and/or musicians. Plus I can keep an eye on the groom/bride in case they need a bit of TLC before their fiancé arrives!!

  1. What happens if the celebrant is ill? 

I have a strong network of celebrant friends that I can call on in the event of accident or illness. Fortunately (touch wood!) in nearly 9 years and 350 weddings I have never had to invoke this and, interestingly enough, I have never been called on to do the same. I have to say that most celebrants would have to be dying before they gave their couple up – we are heavily invested in your happiness on the day!!

  1. How many weddings do they book in one day?

I try to only ever book one wedding per day as I put my heart and soul into it so one is more than enough.

  1. What attire will they wear?

I always liaise with my couples about the colour/theme of their wedding and attempt to fit in with it as closely as I possibly can.

  1. What equipment are they able to bring?

I bring a state-of-the-art PA, signing pen and all of the paperwork. 

  1. What happens with the paperwork? As I said earlier, one certificate stays with the couple, one stays with the celebrant and one is sent to Birth Deaths and Marriages to register your marriage.
  2. What are their fees?

Fees vary from celebrant to celebrant, but most will offer a range of packages to suit different requirements. My fees are on my website and range from $595 to $1100. All packages are ALL INCLUSIVE – absolutely no hidden extras!!

  1. What does the fee include?

All legal paperwork before and after the wedding, provision of a wide range or resources, use of PA (not all packages), planning, writing and delivering your ceremony, all travel, insurance, 1-2 face to face meetings and unlimited telephone and email contact.

  1. What additional costs are involved?

In my packages there are no additional costs – everything is included – unless I am required to undertake something outside of my agreed conditions e.g. dress up in costume which would come at the couple’s expense.

Blog is written by Yvonne Wood celebrant Melbourne for Wedding Services Melbourne

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