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As more and more wedding couples choose to have a secular wedding, choosing a friend or family member to officiate the ceremony keeps being a popular choice. It is one way to add a personal feel to the vow exchange and saves you from having to search for a professional wedding celebrant Yarra Valley that feels right to you and your future partner. The biggest downside to this is unless the person you decide to ask is a popular choice in your family and friends circle, they are likely to be inexperienced in presiding over a wedding ceremony.

You may not care about the wedding ceremony all that much. You may want someone to sign the marriage license, say some beautiful words and pronounce you married, so you can go and have an awesome party. There is nothing wrong with that. It does not have to be that deep. But, you will only get married once so you may want to take a little time to think about it. A grand wedding ceremony Melbourne can kick off a great wedding reception, and an awesome wedding celebrant like Melbourne Celebrant Julie can help make that happen.

Your Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Presides Over The Wedding Ceremony. 

They will have everyone’s attention for a few minutes (you hope), and a great wedding celebrant can control the situation no matter what happens. They will speak with you ahead of time to make sure they are aware of what you want, needs and expectations and be able to adjust accordingly, at the moment, if they need to do so.

Most things that go can wrong during a wedding ceremony are not within the control of the wedding celebrant. They can not control what other friends and family do. What they can do is control well is the reaction. If there is not much else you can do but laugh at the situation; they will laugh too. If family and friends are visibly moved during a moment of silence, they can adjust to this out of respect. If you bungle the vows, they might bungle very overiously right back to make you feel heaps better. 

A Great Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley Knows How To Work The Situation To A Positive Result.

A great wedding celebrant will make you feel comfortable and confident on the wedding day and the moment you say, “I do.” How you feel on the wedding day is very important. 

​If you were to forget everything else that happens during the wedding ceremony Melbourne, you would remember how you felt. Your family and friends will remember how they felt during the wedding ceremony. Most wedding celebrants want the wedding ceremony Melbourne to be lighthearted. They want you to be in the moment when you exchange vows. They also want friends and family to be engaged during the wedding ceremony. Most celebrants always greet you directly at the beginning of the ceremony and say, “welcome to the wedding.” They will take a moment and a deep breath so the three of us can focus. Or, if you are completely engaged with one another, They acknowledge and celebrate that intimacy. Before you exchange wedding vows, Celebrants will make a moment of it, and want to stop & acknowledge what you are about to do. It is the whole point of the day. A good celebrant will always want to gauge the reaction of your family and friends and speak directly to them & make them feel like they are a part of the moment. A awesome celebrant wants it to be magical.

A Great Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley Will Respect Who You Are & Adjust Themselves & Their Services To Meet Your Needs.

The “perfect wedding” is all over Facebook, Instagram and social media. Grand pictures of couples dressed in beautiful outfits with their hair and makeup professionally done. You are not a person in a picture on social media. You are you. Maybe you bought the wedding dress off the rack, and you have an alcoholic father, absent mother and siblings with special needs. You have transgender bridesmaids, and the foster parents are walking you down the aisle & giving you away. That is real life. Gay marriage have been legal for years now, and celebrant’s still get calls asking if they perform LGBTQ weddings. A great wedding celebrant will take it all in stride like it is the most normal thing in the world. It is normal for you.

An Awesome Wedding Celebrant Will Work With You To Create & Perform The Perfect Ceremony For You.

Sometimes, couples do not know that they have options when it comes to the wedding ceremony. Their are many different wedding celebrants, and the primary goal of their wedding business is to marry any couple any way they would like to be married. Sometimes couples seek out professional celebrants because they know what they want, and they can provide them with the services they need. Others just find surtain celebrants like Julie Byrne approachable, and she will help walk them through the process of choosing what they want & need. 

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley?

If you are anything like most couples planning a wedding, deciding whether to hire a professional wedding celebrant is only one of the many decisions you will need to make. Depending on the type of wedding you are planning, you may be considering hiring an celebrant or asking a friend or family person to perform the ceremony instead. For many couples, it can feel like there is not much of a difference between using an amateur or hiring a professional expert. Still, there are a number of major advantages to hiring a experienced professional marriage celebrant Melbourne to perform the wedding ceremony.

Most often, the only barrier is that the person needs to become an ordained minister, which is a simple process & can be done online through a number of websites. Except for in a handful of states with more stringent requirements, this means that practically anybody can conduct a wedding ceremony – but should they?

Professional Advantages

There is a number of advantages to hiring a professional marriage celebrant Yarra Valley. They bring the correct knowledge, experience, and skill to help you create a top-notch ceremony and deliver it with poise and grace. Ask any wedding planner, venue owner, or photographer whether they prefer to work with an amateur or a professional wedding celebrant Yarra Valley, and they will tell you the same thing: make sure you hire a professional. Here is why:

Experience – Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley

The number 1 reason to hire a professional wedding celebrant Melbourne is experience. The more experience a celebrant has at performing wedding ceremonies, the better equipped they will be to deliver top-quality performance amid an unpredictable, unscripted environment. Performing a wedding ceremony is not as easy as reading a piece of paper, and countless amateurs will get thrown off by the near-constant distraction of mumbling family and friends, noisy children, flying insects, moving wedding businesses workers, and the like. A professional wedding celebrant has a high level of comfort that comes only from experience & can maintain a state of calm & focus despite changing or unforeseen circumstances. This leads to a much better experience for you, your families, and your friends – you can relax and enjoy the wedding ceremony, knowing you are in the good hands of someone who knows exactly what they are doing.


Since professional celebrant Melbourne has the benefit of experience, they can also offer you their knowledge and guidance that you simply can not get from an inexperienced amateur. A professional wedding celebrant, Lilydale can advise you on the right length for the ceremony, any potential logistical challenges that you may face at the venue, different options for wedding traditions to add into the wedding ceremony based on what your unique circumstances are, and the answers to many questions an amateur would not even know to ask. Aside from being a life-changing display of the love and commitment to one another, your wedding ceremony Yarra Valley is also your friends and family’s first impression of your wedding and will set the tone for the whole wedding day. If you would not trust your friend to photograph the wedding or a friend or family member to DJ the reception, then why would you put something as important as the wedding ceremony Yarra Valley in the hands of a first-timer amature?


Any professional celebrant will tell you that one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional celebrant, and one of the biggest drawbacks of using an amateur celebrant, is reliability. Professional celebrants get calls all the time from couples who either hired a low-grade celebrant from Craigslist who flaked on them at the very last minute or from couples who had planned on using a family friend that now has cold feet and does not feel comfortable doing the ceremony. These unfortunate circumstances are very common and can be really stressful for the couple – especially when they happen only one week or even days before the wedding ceremony Melbourne. Professional celebrants understand the commitment they make to every couple that hires them & take that commitment very seriously.

Teamwork – Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley

Unless you are planning a very tiny wedding, the chances are that you are hiring other professional wedding businesses for the wedding. Professional wedding planners, florists, photographers, makeup artists, wedding DJ Melbourne, and ceremony musicians all work together as a team with your wedding celebrant Yarra Valley to ensure that everything goes according to the run sheet. When one of the business you pick is not an experienced professional, the remaining members of your business team are automatically tasked with “babysitting” an amateur instead of being able to concentrate on their own jobs. This is because all of the different businesses at a wedding have overlapping or related responsibilities, each relying on the others competence to make sure things run on time and smoothly. Pulling off an event like a wedding day requires a team effort from all of the businesses, and a professional celebrant is an essential part of the team.


Aside from experience, for many couples, the most important reason why they hire a professional celebrant is control. This is 1 of the biggest advantages that professional celebrants offer over church-based clergy as well – the ability to create a ceremony that is completely customised for every couple without being bound by tradition. When couples choose to use a family or friend person to perform the ceremony, they give up a huge amount of control because of the awkwardness of having a personal relationship with a person who is performing a professional service at the wedding.

You never have to stress about offending a professional celebrant if you are not thrilled with the suggestions for the wedding ceremony or dislike something they have written & want to change it. It is a much different story, however, to let down a family member who has written a terrible script for the ceremony or has their heart set on incorporating something you really dislike. Ultimately, this is your wedding ceremony day, and a professional wedding celebrant Yarra Valley is going to understand and respect that & work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Legal Considerations For The Wedding Ceremony

As stated earlier, some states are more stringent than others when determining who may, or may not, perform a legal marriage ceremony. It is extremely important to know the marriage laws in the area you plan to get married in order to avoid getting into trouble with local laws. Hiring a professional celebrant is another way to ensure that the marriage will not face any legal issues – a professional celebrant will be familiar with any city, county, or state laws & will ensure they comply.

Traits You Need In The Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley.

Honours And Respects Your Beliefs & Wishes

Engaged couples can bring family traditions, cultural expectations & individual preferences to wedding planning process. The best celebrants will accommodate special or sensitive requests. Couples looking to get married should also look for someone who honours & respects where the couple stands on spiritual issues. A huge amount of couples are somewhere in between. They do not want the church services like back in the day. They want God invited to the wedding ceremony, but they do not want a heap of prayers.”

Makes You Feel Calm And Safe Before & On The Day

On the day of the wedding ceremony, everyone is excited & anxiety can run high. The celebrant should have a calming effect on everyone. And the better the celebrant knows the couple, the more support the wedding celebrant Melbourne can offer. 

Offers optional Services

Most celebrants charge between $500 and $1,000, whether as a fee or as a suggested donation. But many also offer added services, such as premarital coaching & rehearsal coordination.

Plan for punctuality

Your celebrant should also be punctual, making plans to be at the rehearsal dinner, so he or she will get familiar with the layout & provide important guidance to all the wedding party so that they all feel prepared and less nervous for the real thing. On the day of the wedding, the celebrant should plan to arrive with sufficient time to get ready (at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, especially if there is any sound equipment like a microphone needing to be setup). A responsible wedding celebrant Melbourne will even have a plan in order if he/she is unable to come at the very last minute.

Filing The Correct Paperwork – Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley.

Another really cool thing about hiring an experienced wedding celebrant Yarra Valley is that they know how to take care of all the paperwork. The celebrant is responsible for collecting the marriage license from the couple prior to the wedding ceremony, having it on their person during the marriage ceremony & having 2 witnesses at the ceremony sign of the license. He or she is responsible for completing their part of the license & handing it to the Register of Deeds office before 10 days are over.

Deciding to hire a professional Melbourne marriage celebrant is a choice that will make the wedding planning easier & less stressful and ensure that you have a high-quality wedding day ceremony. While it may seem like a small decision when compared with all the other choices you will need to make, keep in mind that the wedding ceremony Melbourne is the entire reason you are planning a wedding in the first place. With so many positives to hiring a professional marriage celebrant Yarra Valley instead of using an amateur, it is not a choice you will be likely to regret.

A wedding celebrant’s role in the wedding is often short and sweet, lasting only the time of the wedding ceremony. Still, when you think about it, you will come to realise that they are the most important person at your wedding – without them, you do not have a marriage at all!

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