Wedding DJ – How To Hire One For Your Wedding?

A fulgurate wedding reception could never proceed without a virtuosic performance from a pike Wedding DJ. Arguably when budget is on the low the tendency is for couples to DIY the rest of the wedding details specifically those that has something to do with the reception and the program.

It is easy to cull out music from Spotify and create a personal playlist or even include a podcast through your computer, phone or any equipment that could do with it. But nevertheless, your wedding is not a practice session for you to show off your podcast skills.

Busy as a bee should you even take too many hats; be everywhere in the reception to man everything? Nope. Would you not consider sparing a few pennies to avert any impending disaster? You want to save some money but you risk jeopardizing your own event? Of course you don’t want to see that coming, and so a help from a professional would save you from the worst case scenario. Hire a Wedding DJ then.

Well, first know the right questions to ask to scout the best one like:
  1. How long have you been doing DJing? Through this you would know at least if the candidate is a veteran or a newbie.
  2. What are the genres that you know? You would be able to learn about the range and styles of music that he could play. Furthermore, the plus to that is that even if you are hiring him for your wedding he could be versatile even with the other events you should you wish to invite the DJ again.
  3. Do you do jigs daily, weekly? Ask this questions so you would have a hint regarding the availability of your prospective DJ. Also, if you think he still has the stamina to accommodate your event.
  4. How much is your hourly rate?  At least you have a quotation of how much he charges for his services. Either you would be able to haggle and bargain with him or have other options that matches your budget.
  5. Do you also do emceeing? If he answers yes lucky you because your DJ can be a two in one act no need to look for a host.
  6. Are you alright with accommodating requests? Pop the question anyway, because in order to receive requests the DJ must shift to another genre or song that are not part of the play list. It takes patience on the part of the DJ to welcome guests to his rig or even the tact to at times not play a song request.
  7. Will you provide the other equipment say the microphones or will it be on us? It is okay to ask these things but usually Wedding DJs are mobile DJs, they have their lightings, equipment, laptop and at times microphone but there are times that one can’t help but have at least contingencies to buffer any mishap.
Look For The Right DJ In Our Directories

Though there are still a lot more to ask, it is not actually that you doubt a DJ’s reputation but to be sure see their portfolio online. Wedding Services Melbourne and Melbourne Entertainers are the directories that you should look into so you may scrutinize DJs you are eyeing for your event.

In addition to that, the Internet is limitless and all you have to do is type on the search box DJ ratings and testimonials specifically here in Melbourne to have a glimpse of all the DJs you wish to hire. Google and read reviews on Facebook and other legit websites or communities and see who the right one for you is.

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