Creating The Perfect Run Sheet By Wedding DJ Yarra Valley Matt Jefferies

Having played at heaps of weddings as a wedding DJ Yarra Valley, I often advise couples on their run sheet order of the day. We have had many wedding couples ask us about the recommended order of events to make sure everybody has a fun and memorable day.

The general rule for an awesome wedding party is to take care of all the formalities early on in the reception and open up the dance floor as quick as you can.

We have seen a lot of disjointed wedding receptions that could have gone a lot more smoothly with the below tips in mind. We highly recommend keeping an open communication channel with the entertainment supplier in conjunction with your wedding reception to ensure that your wedding flows as best as it possibly can.

Don’t be afraid to tell your wedding venue how you want things to run!

*Disclaimer* We have a musical bias & aim to have dancing time start earlier rather than later in the day/night!

Wedding Party Grand Entrance To Cutting Of The Cake!

Cut your cake right after the wedding party grand entrance. The combination of these major events is more seamless for the wedding photographer, and the reception venue staff can then take away the cake, so it’s stored safely out of everybody’s way!

Speeches – Divide By Two

Break up the speeches into two sections, one after entrées and one after mains (for a sit-down wedding). This will give your friends & family a chance to mingle & freshen up in between speeches.

Have a time limit on all the speeches from your family and to the bridal party. The cliché here remains very true – if you allow the best man or maid of honour free rein, they are likely to take advantage of it! Placing a time limit on all of your guests making a speech will encourage them to share only the best and most memorable stories about the bride & groom.

The final speech should lead right into the first dance. By this time, your friends and family will be ready for the dancing time to start.

First Dance – Get Guests Up And Dancing!

Get you, family and friends, up dancing after your first dance. This is a must-do at every wedding reception! The first dance should serve as the start of the dance floor & party. Once the dancing has started, all other formalities should now be finished. It is party time!

Dessert – Let It Roam Around!

Ask your wedding reception to serve roaming desserts rather than table desserts as it will make sure that more guests stay on the dance floor rather than go back to where they were sitting. Your guests that have a sweet tooth will have a little dance break and help themselves when needed desert.

With these useful tips, you can ensure that you and your guests will be on the dance floor celebrating in no time!


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Pictures and blog are written by Matt Jefferies Entertainment

wedding dj yarra valley
wedding dj yarra valley