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Couples are hands-on when it comes to selecting the preferential wedding flower Melbourne when it comes to their
weddings. So they employ the help of a florist and stylist for their sound advice, but not all can afford
their services. Others resort to DIY, but the search is a tedious one, and the effort is not always right
on the target, so it costs more. More so, one must manage expectations too.
So what to do when you’re tight on budget or simply wishes for florals that are on point from the
bouquet, table flowers to boutonniere?

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Here are the go-to style and trends that may suit your fancy:

• Monochrome to brazen and bold – Some couples adhere to the no-fail monochromatic
aesthetics, say peaches and oranges. Others like it jewel-toned, reds for red, and even hues of
blue in one bunch of bouquet, floral table accent or buttonhole pieces. But those who are
trailing on the adventurous side stick to their intuition that is a multicoloured palette.

• Unconventional shapes- We have been accustomed to the traditional ones; however, little by
little innovations are infused in the design of wedding flower. Tantamount to savant inclusions
are garlands, crescents, and cascades far fetched from the usual triangular bouquets.

• The prevailing seasons – This never gets out of style; look for flowers that are for winter like
Anemone, Iris and Ranunculi. For summer are Freesia, Bouvardia and Celosia , otherwise for
Spring are Hydrangea, Autumn Cala Lily, Statice, and Ornamental Chili.

• Structured and avant-garde- Throw in some loops, hoops and textures to the conventional
bouquet like wooded elements, Protea, grasses, bleached palms and leaves.

• Preserved and everlasting – If your purpose is that the flowers are given away after the
reception as a keepsake, or you just want it to outlast the event, then these are for you.

• Literally off the table – Imagine that your flowers are like curtains above your head, cutting
through edges of tables and elsewhere. Such design creates an illusion of serenity and oneness
with mother nature.

Don’t lose heart when culling out your options because they are endless. Furthermore, trust your gut
and consider both your personality and character because they should be reflected on your special
day too.


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