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Wedding Flowers Melbourne: Bridal Bouquets And Its Traditional Meaning

Wedding bouquets during archaic times signifies fertility that is why there are a mix of flowers, herbs, orange blossoms and foliage. Today, the bouquet stands for two things. Firstly, the adornment of the bride. Secondly, bouquet tossing which later shall pronounce who might be next one to walk down the aisle among the unmarried female guests.

Wedding Services Melbourne shall give you a head start on the Wedding Bouquet, its format, tradition and the selection of flowers you may want and need to know. Wedding Flowers Melbourne: Bridal Bouquets And Its Traditional Meaning So jump in!

Shapes of bouquets also vary and may refer to the type of Wedding Ceremony and theme. More so, at times the bouquet is paired with the style of the bridal gown.

  • Cascade / Trailing – Formal and traditional weddings and matches larger wedding dresses or gowns.
  • Round/ Nosegay/Tussie-Mussie – Loosely arranged tied by a ribbon and a popular choice of brides then and now.
  • Posy – Petite and minimalist hand tied for simple weddings, country themed, vintage and or contemporary.
  • Hand tied/ Hand Corsages – Held by a string or ribbon for casual and simple nuptials.
  • Carmen Rose – Hundreds of petals wrought into a bouquet expensive but thoroughly and intricately put together
  • Sheaf – Long stemmed flowers cradled to one’s arm
  • Pomander– Ball of few or no greens incorporated with it that so the flowers are given emphasis etc.

Flowers And The Symbol It Represents

The kinds of flowers you include in the composition of your bouquet also speak volumes. Chrysanthemum stands for fidelity, truthfulness, joy among others. Sunflower are for pure thoughts. Calla lily for regal beauty. Daffodil for chivalry. Snapdragon is for desire. Hyacinth for constancy. Gladiolus for strength of character. Sweet pea for delicate pleasure. Daisy for a free spirit etc.

Flowers convey messages too; a language depicted by their color, size or season. Poinsettia is indicative of winter or even the Yuletide Season in some parts of the world. Red rose obviously speak of Romantic Love, remember Greek and Roman Mythology and Lucius Apuleius’ Cupid’s’ blood stains on a rose? What about the Sunflower or Girasol? An endemic flower in Central and South America that echoes the mighty and life sustaining sun.

No matter what belief or tradition is at play or reign supreme among your choices for your wedding bouquet it is still up to you. In so far, the thing must you also ponder is that the flowers you have chosen must reflect your personalty so that it shines forth during your wedding day.

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