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Not Another Cheap Wedding Packages Melbourne.

Wedding Services Melbourne is a network and association of top-notch Melbourne wedding
suppliers! All the businesses in our group have a wealth of experience and have amazing
products and services on offer for the Victorian wedding industry!
At the moment our team is dreaming up ways that we can better assist couples wanting to
get married. Currently, the general public is able to view all of our suppliers on our website
and approach individual suppliers to get a quote. Or just see if they’re available to service
your wedding. We have a huge range of suppliers including:
Wedding Venues
Wedding Cars and Transport
Wedding Music and Entertainment Including Live Bands, Acoustic Performers, DJs,
Dry Ice, Fireworks etc
Hair and Makeup Services
Melbourne and Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrants
Wedding Hire items, ‘Day of’ Coordination, Wedding Planning
Wedding Babysitters and Event Nannies
Wedding Dress Cleaning Service
Photography and Videography Services
Photo booths (A big variety too)
Acoustic Musicians and a dedicated HARP Player!
Wedding Dress Suppliers
The new direction we are heading into at Wedding Services Melbourne is to bring you an
all-inclusive wedding packages Melbourne. One that you will actually want to buy! When it comes to
wedding planning, no two couples are the same. There are some people that want to be
extremely hands on, as in, pick all their suppliers by hand. They want to do months of
research and side by side comparisons on different vendors. That’s fine, and we love those
couples! There’s also another type of couple planning their wedding, that really just want an
all-inclusive deal! They gravitate towards all-inclusive wedding packages Melbourne, or vendors that
offer multiple services! These people tend to like straight forwards services. They like to be
able to customise their wedding- without having to compare 20,000 different suppliers to
choose something! It’s kind of like the human psychology of going to the supermarket…
Some people like to relish in there, looking at all the different fruits, and smelling them..
While other people like us, are in and out.

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The Truth About Cheap Wedding Packages Melbourne

Cheap wedding packages Melbourne have become quite popular in Melbourne. Basically, your $5- 10K
wedding package. These types of packages are usually very simple. A Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley for one
hour, one single musician that won’t take any song request. You get our drift. The other end of the scale would be to plan a fully-fledged, expensive, all-inclusive wedding package.
If we got all of our suppliers together, on their usual package rates, we would most likely
come up with a $30- $35K package. But we don’t want to plan an expensive wedding
package either… No, with all this suspense, what we’re planning up at Wedding Services
Melbourne is a mid-range, all-inclusive wedding package.
We’re wanting to produce one in the price range of say $18K to $19K. Hey, if our couples
can book, their entire wedding for $20K or under, that is a good deal! Especially considering
the average price of a wedding in Victoria is roughly $30-$35K!!!
So, without giving away our secrets, that’s what we’re planning… An amazing $19K
Melbourne Wedding package! We’re just in the research phase but essentially couples will
have a choice of up to three wedding venues. In our group, we have three amazing
Melbourne wedding venues (The Brighton Savoy, Ballara Receptions and Witchmount
Estate). Couples will get to choose their venue. Details of how many guests we can
accommodate to come!

After that, we will have options in each category. For instance, within the live entertainment
category, couples will have the choice of having a traditional band and live musician OR a DJ
with photo booth option! They will be able to check our Ms Lexi & Celestial Band and see
our Acoustic Duo, Canape Musician and traditional 4 piece live band option. OR our couple
may choose to go with veteran wedding DJ Yarra Valley Matt Jefferies. Have him be the wedding DJ Melbourne at your wedding and
bring along one of his fabulous photobooths for pictures! By doing it this way, we give
couples an all-inclusive package, but also allow you to customise what you want! Likewise,
we currently have two amazing wedding photographers (Fabian ArtbyI and Matt Hillman) in
our group! When it comes to the photography/ videography component of your wedding,
you’ll be able to choose which photographer you want on the day!
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this sneaky little plan that we’re about to action at Wedding
Services Melbourne! Be sure to check out our network of highly recommended wedding
suppliers! Give us your feedback as well, do you think it’s a good idea that we offer a $19K
Wedding Packages Melbourne? If not, why?

Written by Lexi Ross from Ms Lexi & Celestial Band – Wedding band Yarra Valley

Wedding Photography Yarra Valley –  HP Photography & photos provided by MS Lexi & Celestial Band

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