Wedding Photo Booth Melbourne

There is a new approach to how people view wedding photo booth Melbourne, and it
is not just clicking away to produce fine photographs. Wedding Entertainment has evolved and is
better than ever with the arrival of the latest trends and styles.

It is no longer entering a box type booth where the prints drop one after the other, and you pick them
up later. This time a lot of photo booth entertainment are being introduced that give rise to more
interaction, and these are:

wedding photo booth melbourne
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Different Types

Open booths – Beyond five people can be included in the photo, the mother and father of both
the bride and groom, siblings, friends etc…

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne – let us be honest, this is a home run winner because everybody not only
likes to see themselves through a mirror that actually takes their pictures. It is also highly
interactive and engaging with games, themes, layouts for every event, and sends photos
through SMS/MMS.

Booth with curtains – if you are an old soul, this would appeal to you as it brings back that old
school vibe.

Roaming Photo Booth – One of the latest technologies perhaps is the “Pylon Photo Booth Melbourne
it could be handheld so anyone in the wedding party would have the chance to be photographed
even while they are dancing.

Photo Mosaic Wall– in real-time photos are taken by a photographer or through a photo booth
and the images that use algorithms to form a mosaic digitally and through a screen.

Photo magnets – Keepsakes that are handy and could be posted anywhere can transport you to
the memory of the wedding event.

• Guests’ photo logbook – An opportune tool to write down advice and well wishes and that go
with the photos taken during the wedding.

Wedding Photo Entertainment is no longer just a fad. It is a must-have these days because in a way
we can continue to rekindle, relive and revive good cheers and memories of a wedding.

No matter how far we are, or where life takes us, and the possibility that we don’t often see people
that matter to us, we can drive and dispel those blues away with the hep of photographs.

You can laugh, cry, and get awed or inspired again through the one-of-a-kind wedding photo
entertainment experience and quality photographs.

Blog written by Wedding Services Melbourne

Pictures by HP Photography & Matt Jefferies Entertainment