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Wedding Photography Melbourne – Trends, Styles And Locations.

Trends, different styles and best locations; these are all in a consummate photographer’s cup of tea. And in this spread slash piece of brochure read, let us indulge you with them.

Trendy Photography styles:

Unconventional location shoots – Have you ever seen on the internet these days that even in
the most unlikely places couples have their photographs taken? Outside of a city boutique or
clothing store, the main building or halls of a university, near puddles, where the couple first
met etc.?
Out and about – the great outdoors – A field, rose farm, barn, garden, forest, face of a cliff,
ocean view, a moonlit night, a star-speckled sky, the passing of a shooting star, growing moon
Aerial shots/ Drone shots – if you want a panoramic view of the reception, ceremony and the
couple at the location this is for you.
Inputs of the couple – They call it “unplugged” wedding photography where couples are
hands-on in the creative process of the photography.
Au Naturale – Basically, you may say this is candid and not choreographed it captures the
natural expressions of the couple.

Best locations around Melbourne CBD:

Brighton Bathing Boxes – an imprint of the past glory of old times, 82 pieces of bright-hued
and uniquely designed bathing boxes can be your backdrop for your fun wedding photography
Chanel Building – midst the busy street, passers-by, bystanders and fast vehicles take snappy
wedding photos but do it, may it be, with the proper timing you shall have roaring wedding
Luna Park – Iconic Mr. Moon smiles with the wedding couple plus the historic carousel and the
vintage wooden coaster, that is one of the oldest in the word.
Hosier Lane – eclectic and artist’s mood inspired, the graffiti adds gleaming and glowing factor
to wedding photos.
South Melbourne Town Hall – Historical and just enough number of tourists that essentially
would not interfere the photo shoot.
Melbourne University – Nooks and crannies of the buildings might have an endeared memory
of the couple, and it could do we with reliving them through the wedding photographs.

Don’t duck and stay stuck in a corner, take a step further by ravelling the best wedding photography
locations in Melbourne. You won’t go home without finding a prospect.

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