Here are our top seven wedding planning Melbourne not to be missed wedding day helpful tips for every bride-to-be. We know you will most likely be bombarded with advice before your wedding day, but if you remember anything, remember these seven tips! If you still think after reading these tips that you are going to stress in any way, then maybe think about hiring a wedding planner which you can find on our website by clicking here.


Make Sure You Eat A Hearty Breakfast – Wedding Planning Melbourne

We know that when you first get up on the big day, you may not feel like scoffing down a good breakfast. Just thinking about what’s planned for the day with the nerves & the long list of things from hair and makeup, the dress, posing for all the photo opportunities and turning up to the ceremony on time can seem scary. But you need to keep in mind that your wedding day can be a long day, active, emotional & can include many sips of champagne. If you do not start the day off right you risk the chance of missing out on food till you reach your reception, which can lead to fatigue, light-headedness and let’s be honest can make you super hungry, right when you should be enjoying everything that is going on.


Do Not Stress About The Weather. Wedding Planning Melbourne

Forget about that “chance of rain” and stop checking the weather app for updates. Have a wet weather backup plan from day one, with great contingencies for all-weather events. Plus it is good to remember that rain, and storms with those beautiful wild clouds on the horizon can make for some incredible pictures.


Pace Yourself

In the excitement of putting on your wedding dress, getting ready and hanging with your bridal party, it can be easy to overdo it on the morning champagne. The best thing to do can be to take it slow & enjoy yourself; there will be plenty of time to let loose later in the evening. After all, you want to remember every moment of the ceremony and be looking and feeling the best as you say the words ‘I Do”.


Organise A Cute “Get Ready” Outfit

Splash out on a beautiful robe or button up top, so you will not be caught needing to lift something up over your head after having the hair and makeup done. There is also a good chance that people will be taking shots of you getting ready for your big day, and you do not want to be snapped in your daggy old shirt!


Go To The Toilet Before You Put On The Wedding Dress.

Probably not the kind of advice you were expecting, as we are sure that you have a handle on your toilet habits by now. But what people do not tell you is, it is super hard to go to the toilet in a beautiful dress! Think about picking a close mate or family member that can accompany you to the bathroom to help you to hold your wedding dress up if you need them to.


Steal A Moment For You & Your Partner  – Wedding Planning Melbourne

Being surrounded by your friends & family to celebrate your wedding is amazing, but sometimes in the greeting and well-wishing, you can forget to connect with your new husband or wife. So take a bit time to sneak away from the party by yourselves to stop and enjoy the moment. You will be glad you took a little time out for each other. 


Organise Food For After The Wedding Reception

We know in the planning stage of organising the big day you have created an awesome menu, with plenty of yummy food. But sometimes in the rush & excitement of the wedding, you do not always get to eat much, especially if the dress has a corset or is restrictive. Having some yummy food to enjoy once you have kicked off your heels and taken your wedding dress off at the end of the night can be heaven.

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