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You have waited for years that ‘The One’ would come along and in your mind and heart you have
wished hard that a magical wind may push him/her towards your direction. Finally, he or she stepped on the right moment, and the rest is history. Now your wedding day is on the wings, must there be a trusted wedding transport Melbourne to get you to your loved one quickly, safely and on the dot.

Though this travel to and from your hotel or home to the venue of the wedding ceremony and
reception is not a literal rat race, is it not comforting to be right on in the arms of the one you love?
Sealing eternity with a speedy and heartfelt “I do.”

Rarely you would do it on foot, of course, you are also planning a grand entrance.

wedding transport melbourne
So what are the grand wedding transports out there? Here are our suggestions:

Mustangs – Best selling babies of one of American Car producers, Ford was predicted to sell
around a hundred of a thousand when it was launched. Still making waves and huge money is a
perennial vehicle not only for music videos but also for weddings. It’s lengthy hood has been an
iconic feat in the wedding transport scene.

Hot Rods – This vintage charmer is for the old souls, and the riding experience is like a quick
time travel to the past. Sturdy, classic and still roadworthy assuring you that your ceremony and
reception would not be missed.

Limousine – This sort of extended version of a sedan or the three-part automobile from the
early 20th century comprising of a partition for chauffeur, compartment and passenger comes
in varying shapes, lengths and sizes has been the best choice for wedding transport. Spoil
yourself and splurge for your partner and make memories as well.

Others – Horse-drawn carriage, helicopters, luxury cars and boats or even a bus are also one of
the few that are seeing through the day in the wedding industry.



wedding transport melbourne

Before picking, one should ask: Does the transport provider offer free simple snacks, refreshment,
and appropriate decor? Is the chauffeur courteous, values time, has adequate training and of course
updated registration as well as a license? Then you are good to go.

Blog written by Wedding Services Melbourne

Pictures by Dr Rod Hot Rod Hire & Mustangs In Black

wedding hot rods
wedding transport melbourne