How To Choose Your Wedding Venue Melbourne Hire

When preparing your wedding, there are a number of things to consider: the date, the guest list, the outfit, and a lot of important issues like who will be in your wedding reception, such as bridesmaids and best men. The choice of your wedding venue is one that you should not take lightly. The venue you choose is one of the most important aspects of your wedding since it serves as the foundation for your day, the background for your wedding photos, and the scene for creating lifelong memories. So, how can you ensure that you make the best option possible? To help you, we’ve put up guidance to selecting a wedding venue, which will help you select the ideal location for both you and your sweetheart. Here are the things to keep in mind before choosing your wedding venue Melbourne hire.

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A reasonable budget is something that every couple should consider before beginning on their iconic wedding planning task. A budget may not seem like the most thrilling issue, but without it, you’ll be on your way to a more complicated procedure where you’ll suffer due to several planning problems and errors. Begin by determining how much you want to spend on your wedding (plus a 5% contingency), and then divide your budget into separate categories while investigating each element, such as your venue, snacks and drinks, photograph, clothing, cake, decorations, and so on.

The Guest List

To find your best wedding venue, you’ll need to know how many guests you’ll be inviting so you can figure out if you want a venue that can accommodate 50-75 people, over 100 people, or a specific tiny private venue that’s perfect for Micro Weddings.


The location of your wedding is totally up to you as a couple, whether it’s in your neighbourhood, a few miles away, or in another country, but you’ll need to narrow down your options before settling on which venue is best for you.

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In order for your wedding ceremony to be officially protected, the venue must first get a marriage licence. Some sites have many sections where you can legally marry, while others simply offer a symbolic ceremony.

Pet Friendly

If having your beloved dog, cat, or even horse at your wedding is important to you, you’re in luck since there are plenty of pet friendly wedding venues to choose from. So, keep in mind before selecting the venue. 


Do you want your venue to provide catering as part of their service, or do you want to hire your own caterers? This basically boils down to the sort of cuisine you want on the day; if you’re a true foodie, the style of catering will undoubtedly be one of your must-haves.

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Live Music

If hiring a band or musical artist is a top priority, be sure the venues you’re considering don’t have a sound limit or don’t allow live music at all.


Seeing an amazing firework show is another popular addition to a wedding day. However, some venues have severe regulations barring their use, so do your research to avoid being disappointed.


Weddings are expensive, but they are also part of a very competitive industry, so if you can spend less money and the venue is willing to give you a bargain, it’s worth a shot. Some venues will supply you with the reception hall for the night, while others may provide you a number of lower-cost rooms for your guests to reserve. You could even be able to obtain welcoming drinks or snacks; even the tiniest things can make a difference to your overall budget.

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