“Postcard perfection”. The words that roll out from the mouth of a first-time traveller in Melbourne
and luckily, you, yes you, are the favoured one because you live here. Destination weddings are all the rage but to have a wedding here is already a shot to nuptial event stardom.

You see, it does not take much to explore the marvellous gem and capital of Victoria as much as early
settlers did. Everywhere you set your gaze, there is undoubtedly something to get excited about, and
the sights are just as stunning for a wedding.

So what’s the hype? Wedding locations that would make your legs giddy? Melbourne has it all!

Bright Melbourne Skyline nuzzled against, and by the Yarra River, Art enthusiast’s stations, and lights
and sounds from skyscrapers, bars, streets and people define Melbourne CBD.

Come away for a few minutes or few hours with effectual serenity of the forest, the rolling hills,
mountains, majestic estates, historic grounds and buildings, ocean view, docks, ports, jetties,
gazebos, wineries, chapels, spaces well-lit with natural light, sea capes, and gardens. Explore all
these in the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, and Mornington Peninsula.

Brighton Savoy
How to choose the right one for you? Ask these questions to your partner and yourself:

An urban warrior or a nature lover? Both? – Where does your heart flutter? Humming of
industrial noise or the calming natural environment?

Outdoors or indoors?– Would you hold a rustic wedding or you need an enclosed area for an
intimate ceremony?

How many guests? – Are there only a few attendees or lots?

How much is the budget? –  Can you afford to reserve and rent the venue of your choice?

What about the weather? – Does the venue accept Winter Weddings, for instance? Or do they
have a back-up plan in case it rains?

Is the venue flexible for my needs? – Do they cater to ceremony, reception, food services,
entertainment, wedding photography and on-site accommodation if necessary?

Are the venue managers open to suggestions? – Can the engaged couple suggest anything or
have their inputs in the preparation of the venue?

Now that you have an idea where to go and what or how to choose, get on your feet and have a jovial
wanderlust in Melbourne. Have that venue that not only rocks but where you will create fond
memories of your upcoming wedding day. Let us take you there, share the view and book one for you.

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Picture by – Brighton Savoy, Ballara Receptions & Witchmount Estate Winery

Blog title – Wedding Venues Melbourne – Choosing The Right Venues


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