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Why choose a winter weddings Melbourne?

If you agree that summer hot days aren’t perfect for your wedding celebration and you’re planning to choose the winter season for your winter weddings Melbourne celebrations, this blog is just written for you.
Spring and summer are commonly the world’s popular seasons to get married, but no doubt winter is becoming the favourite season for couples to get married, especially in Melbourne.
According to last year’s survey, 16% to 18% of Melbourne couples get married during winter. You have many options to get more choices of venue and suppliers as fewer couples are competing in winter. You may also get the benefit of getting discounts from other Melbourne wedding vendors. Planning your wedding in Melbourne’s winter months has multiple advantages over our more tepid neighbours and here are a few perks on why choose a winter wedding in Melbourne?

1. You won’t be worried about the weather forecast In Melbourne.

Planning a winter wedding seems to be a great idea against Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. But why? As many summer events are held in outdoor places, in winter weddings you must organise an indoor backup plan because there always remains a fear of getting BOM’s warnings of unpredictable weather. On the other side, most winter weddings are held inside; that’s why there is no stress of bad weather you can easily manage everything and are prepared for it.

2. Better AvailabilityAccording to a survey,

Almost 25% of couples wed in summer warm months and 37% of couples wed in spring, so preferring a spring or summer for your wedding means it’s more difficult to reserve your favourite venue. Furthermore, you need advance bookings which result in, perhaps, more costly wedding packages. It’s straightforward to reserve a wedding venue with easy availability in the winter. It’s mostly affordable as well!

3. Possible Discounts

Some wedding venues, photographers, videographers, and florists will have seasonal pricing, with affordable prices for winter weddings Melbourne. Consequently, many couples choose winter for their luxurious weddings at affordable prices. Remember, these affordable packages might not have been available for you during the top popular wedding season like spring and summer.

4. Impressive Wedding Photography Opportunities:

Snow is quite rare in Melbourne, but don’t think that city looks less beautiful during the winter. During the winter months, Melbourne’s gardens remain attractive, and flattering winter lights make a perfect view for your wedding photography.
Many couples agree that their wedding photos seem to look more beautiful and memorable than their family member or friend’s wedding photos. Ask any wedding photographer that, which is
the best season to shoot a wedding? They all agree that winter can be the best time for wedding photography.

5. You won’t have to fight for calendar space!

There is a big chance that the event calendar of your beloved ones is to be filled with weddings during the summer or spring months. Regrettably, if your friends and family have full event calendars, then in consequence, your family and friends may reject your wedding invitation. If you want everyone from your family and friends to accept your invitation and attend your wedding, perhaps prefer a less popular season (Winter) for your wedding. Not only is winter the most perfect time for your family and friends who have busy calendars, but it also assists you to find time without the struggle to celebrate all of your forthcoming anniversaries.

6. Great Way To Enjoy Comfortable Clothing

In winter, cold months, there are more dressing possibilities for couples and their celebrants. like Jackets may feature, especially personalized ones, for couples. Denim is a big favourite. Moreover, if you don’t feel comfortable with your makeup or your hairstyle during the warm month of summer, arranging a winter wedding would be a great idea: your hair and makeup will thank you! The above mentioned are the few top advantages of choosing a winter wedding in Melbourne. So
make your big day unique and special in Melbourne; A dream place for couples to get married. Choose a perfect wedding venue and make your winter wedding day unforgettable for you and your celebrant in Melbourne.

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