Should I photo Booth or Should I not to Photo Booth? Blog is written by Yarra Valley Mirror Photobooth – Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

When planning a wedding reception, one has to think about so many things at the one time. There is choosing a date for starters, where to have it, the budget & how many to guests to invite. I would say these are the biggest factors in planning a wedding reception & they are the ones most put a lot of time into.
A typical couple would spend months and months planning and umming and ahhhing over these factors.
So should have a this I or should I not?
It is not until the last few months of planning the wedding that people start to realise, “oh hang on, we need that, we need this” etc. One of the very last things couples think about is the Photo Booth Melbourne. Couples will either want it without question or they will toss up the idea for a few more days or weeks thinking “is it worth spending the money”.

A common question often asked by photo booth companies is if they are undecided about whether to rent one or not, “What do you like to do if you were at a wedding reception? If the answer is take pictures/selfies or have fun, be entertained etc. then having the Yarra Valley mirror photo Booth at the wedding is a no brainer.
Lets face it, women love a good picture and they would admittedly get their partners or friends involved in them (sometimes unwillingly) but they love it and that is why Photo Booths Melbourne are fast becoming the “norm” at weddings. It allows our fellow friends and family to behave like silly fools and not wreck the wedding reception in anyway. So you have now decided that you need one at your wedding.
So which photo booth Melbourne do I choose?
There are hundreds of different style & budgets when talking about Photo Booth hire Melbourne. There are the traditional closed photo booths, where you sit in a small boxed in area with a curtain drawn, there are photo booths encased in inflatable walls & there are the newer more accessible open-air photo booth Melbourne that are fast becoming a popular trend at weddings across the Melbourne.

The phrase Photo Booth is loosely used nowadays as they are not “Booths” per say but the term is still used a lot to describe them. The open-air photo booths are so popular because you no longer have to try to squeeze 5-6 guests in a small confined space in order to get you all in the photo without looking like sardines. You can fit (depending on the space at the venue you have or whether there is a backdrop) as many as can fit in the picture.
They are also so stylish now & elegant & not at all cheesy like they used to be. The mirror photo booth Yarra Valley (see picture) for example is so sophisticated looking that it can easily look like it is suposed to be in the room all the time. It is no small piece of equipment but with the beautiful frame & amazing graphics its sure to be a hit at the wedding reception.

Many couples have had this at their wedding receptions and they say it was so much fun, no 1 had seen anything like it before (yes..hehe) and it was very entertaining for my friends and family. Not to mention that if you do not wish to pay for a photographer to stay an extra hour or two as well as entertainment for the night a Photo Booth is a great combination of both.
But what about the budget?
If after this you are still deciding whether to have any form of photo booth Melbourne or not I take it, it comes down to price & what the budget will allow. Well as stated earlier there are many options available to suit all types of budgets. The mirror photo booth Yarra Valley is at the high end of the market but you can expect to get your friends and family’s attention and monies worth as its an impressive piece of photo entertainment.

Whatever you choose, whether you do or you do not or whether you go all out or stay within the budget just remember it is your special day where what you say goes and no one is going to call you out on it for not having one of the best photo booths Melbourne at your wedding. They are a personal choice & something that brides and grooms often overlook until it is too late. So if you do want a Yarra Valley mirror photobooth or any photo booth, get in fast with the booking as dates fill up very fast and many businesses often have to say no to people because they are too busy. So try hard to avoid the last minute bookings if it is possible to do so.

If the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne is something you are interested in for the wedding please visit we would love to help you on your special day. Our packages are all inclusive so no hidden surprises when booking. We look after all the details & all you have to do is enjoy the wedding reception and look beautiful. You will not be disappointed with the mirror photo booth Melbourne so call or book today. If the Yarra Valley mirror photobooth is not your thing, we also have for hire our pylon roaming photo booth which has two modes – Stand alone or roaming where it comes to you. We also have our event photo magnets with our roaming photographer taking photos and printing them out on the day as magnets or or super cool photo mosaic wall where you have our roaming photographer and they go around taking photos and they prinit out as little squares with a code. You match the code to the code on the big mosaic wall board to create one huge picture of the bride and groom made up of all little pictures taken on the day of the wedding reception. Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne is your one stop mirror photo booth Yarra Valley company providing the best in wedding fun and entertainment for the whole family. See video below of our mirror photo booth in action.

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