Tips On Making The Most Of A Yarra Valley Photo Booth

Yarra Valley photo booth hire is unique and fun was to create the extra special moment at your wedding or corporate event. When hiring a mirror photo booth Melbourne or any other photo booth be sure to keep in mind these simple tips to help you have a fun and stress-free event.  

Pile As Many Guests Into The Yarra Valley Photo Booth As Possible

Photo booths can be heaps of fun and make an event more exciting. What is even more fun is to watch is everybody jumping into the same photo at the one time. The leaning on each other, the laughing and the last minute photo bombs make it very entertaining to watch. 

See If You Can Hire A Photo Booth With Augmented Reality

Hiring a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley with augmented reality is a must as this feature will be the next big thing with photo booths. Augmented reality with the mirror photo booth Melbourne is where you have dead celebrities come on screen and let you take a picture next to them with a realistic background to go with the photo. Think Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis and more.

Creating that extra fun with the photo booth will give guest something extra to talk about, laugh about and create long-lasting memories that can be stick to a fridge, hung in an office or stuck into a photo scrapbook. 

Provide Photo Booth Props And Backdrop

It’s a must that your photo booth business bring fun props and a backdrop for your event. Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne provide you with a choice of backdrops or the option to have a green screen too. 

Our props consist of funny and fun signs, novelty sunglasses and hats and other themed props. Our photo booth attendant will encourage all guest to take silly photos using the props that we have on the day or night of the event. 

Have The Photo Booth At The Right Time And Being Set Up And Ready To Go

It is important to have your photo booth set up and ready to go at the right time. We offer a five-hour service because that is the usual length of an event in a venue. Some other companies offer one, two, three and four-hour packages but then that means they may be setting up when your event has already started and this does not look professional and will mean people will lose interest in having a photo taken.

Have The Pictures Uploaded To An Online Photo Gallery

Photo booth businesses often have different ways to give you photos. Some give the photos to you on the night of the event on a USB stick, while we upload the photos password protected to our online gallery for you to download anytime you like. 

We do not recommend having your precious photos given to you on a USB stick because you are tired, want to go home and relax or sleep and the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about losing a USB stick. The other great thing about having the online gallery is that you can keep downloading your pictures for years to come without needing to worry about losing any of them.

Don’t Forget To Have A Go Yourself.

Many function organisers or couples are so busy being social & following formalities on their event day or night that they do not have time to have a dance or get a photo taken in the photo booth Melbourne. Make sure you take five to ten minutes to come on down to the booth and have some fun getting your photo taken. Bring a friend or two as well.

Blog by Matt Jefferies Entertainment

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