How To Get Amazing Wedding Pictures While Social Distancing

Australia’s new plan to come out of covid 19 measures mean that weddings will slowly be able to go ahead, with various restrictions on friends and family & different stages in different states. But the overlying message is to keep social distancing & stay 1.5 metres away from 1 another & your Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer

While this is not going to come into play between you & your partner, what does it mean for your businesses? Wedding photographers are 1 business who couples are still having at their wedding day. But how can you get amazing wedding pictures when you need to socially distance from your photographer?

Can We have A Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer At The Wedding?

There have been lots of changes to what you can and can not do for your wedding day that it is no wonder we have heard a few couples asking this. And the answer is YES!

A wedding photography business will be able to work & service your wedding day under the new 3-step plan put out by the Federal Government. But keep in mind that they will count as one of your guests within the total limit.

This will mean that for couples getting married in step 1 & step 2, your photographer will count as 1 of just ten or twenty friends and family. But we think it is really worth it. Having an experienced photographer on your wedding day, no matter how small or large will help you capture the magical moments for those who might not be able to make it.

If you’re eloping and just getting married to your celebrant and two witnesses then you can also still have your photographer. They can double as a witness!

Can A Photographer Come To My Home For Pre-Ceremony Pictures?

Like weddings, there are limitations on how many people can be in a home at one time. For step 1, this means just 5 visitors to a home in addition to those who already live there. And yes, that can include the photographer.

Any photographer coming into your home, it is all about hygiene.

As professionals, they will avoid handling additional surfaces & items that they do not need to touch. We bank on you to let us know that coming into the home is safe.

If anyone has any signs of illness or is unwell, just let your photographer know, & we can chat about what options are available to everyone.

How Can I Make Sure It Is Safe For My Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer, My Friends & Family?

Every wedding will need to get the contact details of guest & average a density of four square metres per person attending under the new 3-step plan. This includes counting the photographer in your friends & family numbers, making sure you have the photographer’s details on hand with everyone else.

But if you are concerned about getting to close to another guest who might not be part of your close wedding guests, there are still ways you can safely distance from your photographer.

There is no sure-fire way of keeping 100% safe while doing an intimate shoot, apart from keeping your distance.

This can be the distance between yourselves & your wedding crew if you have one. Or the distance between you & your photographer.

The job of a photographer is to help make you feel at home in front of the camera. COVID-19 means that photographers are doing that from a further distance & it is a completely new way of trying this. But it is not impossible. You can still get close enough to guide the couple, & far enough for it to be safe.

Being distant also does not mean having distant pictures. A good photographer will take intimate wedding pictures of you & your partner from a safe distance, using different lenses & other methods.

What Are The Best Places For Our Pictures?

The best locations are anywhere outside at the moment.

We love anywhere outdoors where there are good light and awesome background. But also keep in mind that outdoor places can be chosen on the fly. You never tell 100% what the lighting conditions will be at the time of taking the pictures. An excellent photographer will make a plan together with their couple to choose what we want the outcome to be. That way, we have a strategy in place to select the best sites on the day for what we are going to do.

Under the latest restrictions, outdoor locations will generally also allow you to have more people in a photo. This means you will be able to get more people involved in your pictures if you want to create memories with your friends & family who have been able to attend.

How Can Our Photographer Make Memorable Moments If We Have Fewer Friends & Family?

We acknowledge that heaps of couples have had their wedding plans completely changed & might not be able to have all the people they have originally hoped at their wedding day. But just because you are having a smaller wedding day, this does not mean it will be empty. An excellent photographer will be able to capture all the memories for your wedding day in the most intimate ways.

The number of friends and family has never mattered at a wedding; it’s the importance of the friends and family who are there.

“An unforgettable atmosphere is already going to be created by you & your friends & family. You are surrounded by the guests you love & who love you. We are just there to take pictures of those memories as you make them.

Our Wedding Day Has Been Changed To Another Date. What Should We Do With The Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer?

“The best thing to do for the photographer at the moment is not to call off your booking.

As a little business, many photographers rely on down payments which we have received to help our businesses survive. So we are working really hard with all of our couples to come up with different options.

“If you are changing to another date, let us know ASAP. Your photographer should be able to postpone to another date if they are available.”

The biggest thing we can learn from what is happening is that we are all in this together. Everyone will get through these tough times.

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