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Wedding Celebrant Services Melbourne
And welcome to my little part of the world! Or, not so little as it turns out, because without me, your day is just one big expensive party!!

Forget long drawn-out boring wedding ceremonies where everyone is looking at their watching wondering when the hell they are going to get a drink!!

An Yvonne Wood ceremony has EVERYONE involved!!

Yvonne Wood Wedding Celebrant

How, you ask? Because my ceremonies are all about YOU – the people they have come to celebrate!!

Getting married is one of the coolest, most awesome things you’ll ever do in your life (unless you like bungee jumping!!).

And it’s my fabulous joy to facilitate this momentous moment.

There are some legal must-haves but, the best – and most fun – part of my job is putting together a ceremony that reflects you two – your personalities, your quirks, and your passions. Whether they be fur-babies walking you down the aisle, friends getting up and taking a huge part of the ceremony, having a sing-along, dressing up in costume, whatever … If it’s legal, I’m in 😊

From the moment we meet, my aim is to make this part of your day absolutely stress-free. The way I do this, is to inspire you with confidence through my professional and organised – yet fun and relaxed – approach.

I work with you to craft a Melbourne marriage ceremony that includes any of the traditional elements you want to keep; plus, I give you mountains of fresh ideas to help make your ceremony totally unique to you!

Most importantly, it is ALL about you – and by the time we get to the day of your wedding, we are a tight knit team – in fact, I often feel like you are my own kids getting married – such is the level of vested interest I have in the success of your day.

Sound good? Well linger no longer – get in touch with me here and let’s get cracking!

In the words of the gorgeously sexy Bryan Adams – “we’ll make it a night to remember”!!!